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    Post #1 on this forum. Howdy from the Pac NW! Like a LOT of folks, I am looking at alternatives to shoveling money into the tank of my Chevy Van...:shock:

    I've been doing lots of web research and have struggled with what the right choice for me is. I've owned four regular motorcycles over the years, many gas guzzlers, some small high mileage cars, and have come to the conclusion that if the Raleigh bicycle in my shed could provide more than the 1 oHP (oHP = old Human Power, in this case.:smile:) power plant it has, I would use it more.

    I've looked at electric, like that option, but think gas power might be better for me to start with. I'm kicking around GEBE or Staton kits right now. I like both for different reasons.

    I'm still trying to figure out the options at the Staton site. They are confusing me with the inside vs. outside drive stuff. This sure looks like a clean install to me though. It is my lead candidate so far. I'm trying to understand the NuVinci drive system too. It looks like that may be better for the hills, and flats, we have out here.

    I gleaned lots of good info off the "noob" thread. Thanks to Sparky for that.

    So to all of you, Hello!!

    Side Note- The other nice thing is that this forum uses the same engine as the one I normally hang out on. I do cancer research for distributed computing as a hobby. If you're interested, we are always looking for folks to help out the cause....I won't just throw out the link, since I don't know if it would violate the rules here....


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    hi Bob;

    i'm the same about that outside versus inside drive. i don't get it except that for some reason the outside drive is simpler (?) But either one I like because of the chain drive. I wonder if they sell the kit minus motor.
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    Looks like you could part it out on the site, if they don't sell in kit form. However, this would require you to know what parts you need. I'm not at that stage yet...:grin:

    For me, today's task is to figure out what the NuVinci drive system is about and whether it's worth the extra several hundred bucks to me, for my first shot at powered bikes.
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    i'd ask the guys here first about their impressions on the NuVinci design...i'm just naturally curious and i like to tinker.

    But yeah, i've found the NuVinci is more expensive than most systems...can't go wrong though for the first timer. Good Luck, have fun on the construct and ride!
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    Thanks for the welcome! It just so happens I was planning a trip to Ft Stevens around that time frame. It wouldn't be too long of a trip up to see ya'll. I may do that.

    I just about have an order put together...A NuVinci kit that I'm still debating engine size on. That Robin is sure cute and small... I figure with the NuVinci, it should be able to assist me in pulling hills out here. I'm still open to opinions, particularly those who use this gear in hilly areas. The difference in price is not a factor. I'd rather do it right now, rather than wish I had later.

    I'm leaning to a fully laced Staton wheel too. I don't want to risk me screwing that part up on my first go. I also want something Staton feels is strong enough for the job.

    EDIT: OK, now I understand the NuVinci drive hub. Real clear you tube link here Sorry if this has been posted in a million other threads, I'm just learning about it all.

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    OK, double posting, well sort of. Did my homework and I am about blind reading all the info on this stuff. Came to a decision and the below is the order I placed with Staton. I'm eager to get it!!

    Qty Item Size Color Total

    1 NuVinci Robin - Subaru 33.5cc Four Cycle Engine and 350% Pedal shifting kit. 16 tooth Freewheel NuVinci 36 Hole CVP, Satin Silver & Black $859.00

    1 Chain Guide - Tension - Single speed - NuVinci $19.95

    1 NuVinci Wheel BIG MAMMOTH 26 x 2.00 to 2.125 ISO 559 mm, 36 Hole, With Black Strip NuVinci 36 Hole CVP, Satin Silver & Black $85.00

    I'm having them lace a new wheel for me so I can keep the original as a spare, and also have a pro do this critical part of the install. The Mammoth looked pretty sturdy and 85 bucks is cheap compared to the cost of an amateur laced wheel putting me into a tree....

    About a grand shipped. That equates to about 7 tanks of gas in the big rig to pay this off. It will take a year or two, but I'll also have fun and lose a few extra pounds in the process. :D Hey, it was this or a Harley softail, so I'm saving about 16 grand this way....:shock:

    Sorry about the formatting....just thought I throw it on the board. One thing that will bug me for a solution here is to find a 1:1 gearbox to provide one more reverse to the gearbox rotation. This would allow the engine to be mounted on the left side, more centered over the bike. Any tip would be appreciated. If I don't find a solution shortly after I get the kit, I'll throw it on the way it is pictured on the website.

    It floors me that the engine is only 2.5cc bigger than my weed whacker engine!!

    Thanks to all of you who posted good info all over this forum. I think I know some of you by now....:smile: Paticularly all those NuVinci threads....

    I can see this will lead to another addiction for me. I'm already thinking of hair-brained stuff like a mini turbocharger to maximize HP out of this thing. From what I understand, Oregon law has it that if I can pedal, and this is less than 50cc, whatever else I do should be fine. I know I'll have to watch the speed limits, but if I can whizz down some of the country roads, I may not get mashed up too bad by the local "cagers"!! (A new term to me, I am soon to be as ex a cager as I can be...)

    Thanks and Regards,
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    Welcome and congrats on the purchase! It will be interesting for me to see how you work out with all this. I engineered my own for about $65 out of a broken weedeater I found on craigslist... but your way is undoubtedly cheaper in terms of time. I guarantee you'll spend more time riding than tinkering as opposed to me.


  9. You might want to double check Oregon law, I read on here that the limit is 35cc.
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    I saw that to on further research. I'll have to try to pull the motor code and see for myself. I think I'll print it to show the officers when they pull me over. I fully expect that to happen a few times....

    Good thing I ordered the 33.5 cc Robin in the kit. I'm covered either way.

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    123Bob -
    I, too, am new to this stuff, but I have ordered the Robin-Subaru 33.5 with the outside gears, and complete new "big" wheel from Staton. It sure takes David a long time to get it shipped! I think he must do it all himself!
    I even got a new bike to put the stuff on so I wouldnt have to use my regular bike! Got the Schwinn 26" mens "comfort" from Costco. Got a Mongoose 250 rx first, but the frame didnt have the mounting holes on the right-hand side.
    I emailed David today to get the shipping info, and when I start doing the build, I'll let you know. Let me know how your progress is.
    btw, is there a Portland-area "Motorized Bicycle Club"? If not, perhaps it would be a good time to start one!
    Since I havent used forums much, when i learn how to email direct, perhaps we can touch bases and coord the fun with these 200+ mpg "toys!" lol
    (Real: Neil)
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    Rivertramp, (Neil)

    I'm finding out the Oregon/SW Washington contingent of this forum is not at all small. I've been communicating with folks from all over the our area on this. Just check out the link from "augidog". Pretty impressive stuff.... I will try to make the gathering just to see all the machines.

    I will certainly let you know how this build goes. I plan on plenty of start-to-finish pics on the Raleigh bike I'm going to use. Sounds like you are doing the external non-nuvinci kit? I really struggled with the choices until I actually talked to David at Stanton. With the hills here, I figure the extreme gearing the NuVinci offered was to good to pass up.

    Let me know how your build goes....

    As far as the day job goes, and to show how a lot of folks are thinking about this subject now, I'm a Staff Electrical Engineer "temporarily" working for Motorola (Yeah, 20 years worth now and counting....). I happened to be talking to one of my peers here in SW Washington and he is doing the GEBE Robin kit. We will be getting together to try them all out side-by-side. Probably with full engineering analysis, if I know us....:shock:

    We can connect, and add your pony to the mix if you wish. The PM system here works like it does in the other forums that use this engine.. We can exchange email and addys there at some point. I'm in Canby, just SE of Portland. My "real" name is actually Bob!! How about that...:grin:

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    I retired from Clackamas Co. and am VERY familiar with Canby! worked at sheriffs office 25 yrs. sorta like jail or the army: serve your time and get out! :)
    I havent received the kit from David yet, but hope to get it this week while my wife's in Texas (ladies week out!)
    When it arrives, I'll start posting pics of my progress. I'm sure it's not just a 20 minute mount - out of the box! The bike tech at GI Joes (I-5 and Boones Ferry) will set up the wheel and hub for me, $10 !! I think he just wants to ride/drive it when its finished!
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    of course he does! and so it goes...

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    Funny, I was just at the GI Joe's at Boones Ferry yesterday. Picked up my helmet in preparation for this adventure. I put lights and a speedo on two days ago. ....Now all I'm waiting for is the kit to arrive! I'm really looking forward to this. I feel like a kid with a mini-bike..:grin: