Another Schwinn Swindler Build - 2-Strokin'

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    I ordered another Schwinn Swindler 275. My last one rode awesome. The 44 tooth sprocket and the 27.5 inch tires combo will out run most 26" bikes without effort.

    My old Bike

    IMG_1685.jpg IMG_1690.jpg

    The engine came in yesterday


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    My luck, even the piston is in backwards

    PART_1437005712256_0715151637.jpg PART_1437005506009_0715151707.jpg PART_1437005567132_0715151701.jpg PART_1437068194075_0716151036.jpg PART_1437068143465_0716151035.jpg
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    Heavy Duty u-bolt

    PART_1437066356400_0716151005.jpg PART_1437066514684_0716151008.jpg
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    Can't leave it stock. Straight out of the box.

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    Party Time!

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    Truing the sprocket with a allen wrench

    PART_1437175697651_0717151627(1).jpg PART_1437175607849_0717151626.jpg
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    Back together, fixed the wrong way piston and broken kill switch wires.


    Working on the throttle


    Mounted engine (good enough for the girls that I go out with)

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    Toying with a new seat idea.

    PART_1437345769171_0719151542.jpg PART_1437345825851_0719151543.jpg PART_1437346070862_0719151547.jpg
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    Finally took this beauty out for the first start and test ride. She took a minute to fire but ran pretty good, no hiccups.

    PART_1438292740574_0730151445.jpg PART_1438292856598_0730151447.jpg PART_1438292797915_0730151446.jpg
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    What a problem child. I ended up shearing off the front engine mount bolt and snapped off the other taking it apart. Why did I use the supplied bolts again? I successfully drilled and extracted one bolt just fine. The other required a Helix-coil. Then the jet found so debris. I cleaned it out but ended up replacing it with a SHA. Had a spark plug problem too. I tried a NGK PB6HS spark plug for my but the piston keep closing the gap. Squeezing a set of 29's on it was a dumb idea, they fit tho. Then the rear (bike chain) sprocket clip keep popping off, weird. I used a thicker sprocket and new clip, a-o-k, now. Pulled the clutch, fired the beast, dropped the choke and zoom, zoom, clunk, clunk. Opps, forgot to tighten the chain tensioner.

    Finally, back on the road again. I have video proof.
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    Sounds like it was running just fine. Looks like your brakes were giving you a problem, forcing you to run the stop signs! Like you I would also have to drive in circles to find my home again as all the homes look so much alike. Whats the deal with all your neighbors putting those big roll around MAB traps in front of their homes trying to force you out into the traffic to get you run over. How rude is that?
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    Think I finally worked out the bugs. Latest photos, hard to tell it's a swindler.

    IMG_1968.jpg IMG_1959.jpg IMG_1957.jpg IMG_1966.jpg IMG_1967.jpg IMG_1958.jpg IMG_1962.jpg IMG_1970.jpg IMG_1960.jpg IMG_1971.jpg
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    You must really trust that kickstand! Looks clean, would love to get a shot of you riding it to get a feel of the riding position.

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    What sprocket carrier did you use on your belt?
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    40 tooth clamp-on from gas bike
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