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    just thought id post a pic of i put together about a year ago engine is from and has served me well with no problems with this bike far as slaping it on and go the bike is a schwinn clairmount 7 speed...dubed the warhorse it has rode long haul across some long texas road ways right out of the box..was a fun second project i later sold it but i got my bike stuff back and will be rideing again soon peace

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    Great looking bike.
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    ty bro was just a simple engine kit and bike from wal-mart it was fun while i had it
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    Great huffy only thing go to local bike shop and purchase bmx chain because the stock chain tends to snap plus rubs at the side of your tire when the chain breaks it goes on to the drive sprocket and cracks the case. Also another thing since the motor is unbalanced so it rattles the hell out of the frame and the seat feels like a massage chair lol so you could put some rubber there and those stock studs are no good they snap all the time. Another thing is the chain tensioner is notorious for moving the quick resolution is to weld it the frame.

    Hope it helped
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    yes this does i happen to run into most these problems by experience as well the big chain looks strong but it does stretch and loosens up it barley cleared the tire i heard to put rubber in between the mounts it did help some but still rattles hard on the bike at high rpms...and stock tensioner
    sucks my first build the thing slowly worked it way into my spokes and made the wheel untrue on this bike i just rode it easy and the parts worked fine but soon as i tried to push it u can feel it was wearing on it but far as just all stock they work but it u wanna go faster than 20-25+ gets scary with vibrations and i wouldent trust most the parts givein as well
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    Motorized bicycle

    Well you can make it faster but putting a 36tooth sprocket and when you get it flip the sprocket and change the chain to a KMC makes such a big difference. I also have a high performance pipe I could sell you that looks really sick. Email me and I can send you a attachment of one of my bikes and the picture of the chain that I'm talking about I've had it on one of my bikes for 2 years and I never had a single problem but I think it cost around 30 bucks but I'm not sure.

    Let me know
    -James Kelley
    Access Motorized Cycles
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    Check It out!

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    #1 Q: does this type of chain require any filing of cog/sprockets or just a slap and go piece

    #2Q:how much for the loud is it also im not into noisy but if its not much louder than stock should be ok
    theres not much to silence weed-wackers flying by but i wouldn't want open pipe style for my neighbors...
    i couldent say i could buy it for sure im broke this month buying a kit n bike back but i should have lil funds
    next month for carb pipes ect..