Another technical issue to look out for.



I had to adjust a clutch on a bike the other day and when I pulled the cover, the screw that holds the small drive gear was loose. This explained the rattling noise the engine made on occasion.

Another loctite recommendation for you folks to improve reliability.
You're saying the giant slot head screw was loose? I couldn't budge mine, so it won't get loctited....yet.
i'll be checking the gear-lube soon & i'll be sure to have a look at that screw while i'm in there. thanks, rc-dude 8)
yeah, loctite is first rule we tell ANYONE about installing these motors. Whats wrong with a solution that keeps bolts from vibrating loose? nothing is getting inside the engine, you gotta be kidding...
I can see where using red may cause the threads to be removed from the block in some cases.... :p