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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by wrngway, Aug 22, 2008.

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    I've been looking into engine kits for my bike, but I want to make sure I have a donor bike that will work before I order a kit. I'm looking for a frame mounted 2-stroke as I'd like to keep a rear rack and panier bags in place for errands. This'll be for commuting mostly, with some moderate hills, so I was looking at the 70cc at ThatsDax.

    My current bike is an Raleigh 18" hybrid. The frame is similar to that of a standard mountain bike. It fits the dimension requirements at SpookyTooth Cycles.

    The seat tube clearance from the top to bottom tube is 12". Here's a picture of a bike that looks like mine: passage 5-17-06.JPG

    I asked the same question on another forum, but I wanted to get as many opinions as possible. Thanks for your help!

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    These minimum dimensions are from ZBox web page, Australia.

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    Thanks so much...

    Looks like the seat tube on my bike doesn't have enough clearance. 370mm works out to about 15".
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    Yep, had the exct same issue, 3 months before I discovered by chance MB's, I bought a brand new Raliegh after acting on a decision never to entertain running a motor car ever again. Still have it ( the bike ), just incase.
    There is another thing I have not measured yet on the Raliegh, fitting the engine with a DIY right-angle carb manifold, it MIGHT just squeeze in.
    Might have to make custom brackets to mount the engine, I'll be doing some further checks next week.