Another Worksman Build

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by sportscarpat, Apr 19, 2010.

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    :tt1:love it:tt1:
    nice bike you have there!
    love the intake tube, did you get it here on MBc? ive seen it somewhere a few weeks ago:thinking:
    very cool look, want to see it finished and rolling down the strets in style now! going to dream about it tonight:rolleyes7:
    G-S :D
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    pretty slick. very nice work!
  4. h0tr0d

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    Love the bike. Smooth looking cranks too. What are they?
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    Crank assembly with 34t sprocket comes directly from Worksman. It requires their industrial bicycle chain as the sprocket is pretty thick. I have a build thread going on at the other forum in the board track section. Things are pretty quiet around this forum. What's up with that? Intake manifolds are custom built by me. Need one?
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    Can i just get a tank? Very nice...
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    Your metalwork is top notch Sportscarpet. The bike is a work of Art. Kudos!
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    Was the the springer fork part of the Worksman bike or did you ad this separately later?
    What is the exact model of the bike?
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    OK, skip the question above, I looked at the other thread and saw it's a Monarch fork. Where you able to buy only the frame and wheels or did you buy a complete bike and swap out the forks it came with?
  13. sportscarpat

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    Yes, and yes. Frame kits with tanks, tanks only, complete bikes, whatever. It happens different every time. These all use the Worksman INB frame. I am currently in the middle of building a looped down tube model to give more engine space on the standard length frame and then also a 4" stretch and loop to carry the Morini 9.4 hp engine. Lot's of cool stuff coming!