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    Ok so after fully utilizing the "search" function and manually searching many, many pages back I now have a possible answer to a seemingly very common problem with the 66cc HT 2 stroker. My problem was similar to 4 stroking, though I knew it wasn't, or almost like a weak spark or CDI going out. Basically the engine would run, rev up, just had no power when put on an incline. Engine would rev up but no torque behind it. So after a couple complete tear down and reassembly, with timing checks, compression checks, spark checks (both redneck *ouch!* and guaged), engine realignments, chain tensioning, new fuel filters, NGK 6xx (forget the after letters), gaping and trying anything and everything I can think of or read about, I pulled the bottom cap off the stock pipe to check for any clogging. AH HA!!! See the problem came from the plate (baffle?) that is in the center of the pipe had broke loose, slid down and was capping off the last tube in the pipe that was actually exhausting out. So not having money to just go out and replace the pipe, that could have solved this REAL quick, I took a set of calipers and shook the plate back to where it should be and measured. I got like 3.3 inches to the plate from the bottom of the tube, applied about 3.1 inches to the outside of the pipe, to account for edge distance of the flange on the plate, and drilled 2 opposing holes w/ set screws. One of the two internal tubes had broken loose also so I put a small hose clamp on the bottom of it to hold it in place. Hose clamp covered a port in the bottom plate so I drilled a new one next to it. Bike has never run better now. So I just wanted to post a fix for a problem I found and have read that a lot of others seem to have also as noob's. Simple solution... buy a new pipe. But if your like me and have no money heres a fix you might want to try. Doesn't help that I live in San Diego and because of the air resources board, engines and parts are very hard to aquire if you don't have an out of state address to use, finding a shop that sells MB's or accessories is almost impossible.

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    sorry. i tried reading it all but i get scared when theres no space...

    like music, the only good stuff has the occasional pause for breath :)

    making good exhausts is fun, i admit :)
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