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    My name is Anthony, a customer of mine got me involved in this and I think this is going to be much bigger than most think. I am in the process of figuring out what type of bike I want to build so nothing new to report quite yet.

    One thing I do know is most of you have Japanese engines on your bikes. With those engines and accessories, comes crappy fasteners. Ones that break and do not preform with your project. I am a direct buyer of the best domestic fasteners in the market and am looking for a way to get these fasteners to all of you building and maintaining bikes. I am looking to put together kits so those building new bikes or doing maintenance on current ones, can have the best fasteners for best performance. Whether you want stainless steel, chrome($), or any other grade...I can get it and cheaper than anywhere else...

    any ideas....


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    hey Anthony,
    welcome to the site
    a nice kit of nuts and bolts would be very nice, especially if they are very reasonably priced.
    good luck on your first build and post some pics of it if ya don't mind.
    I love seeing others bikes and getting new ideas for mine
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    hi anthony :)

    from my experience, it's the engines & kits from china that need the help...kits using japanese engines are usually higher quality across the board...i'm sure your independant research here will bear me out, read read read...

    anyways, it's cool to see another PNW-member get's some info you might like to check out...

    national rally:

    PNW-Rider's "social group" :

    welcome aboard :cool:
  4. Pablo

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    WELCOME mrfasteners!!

    I have a question: can you get 8mmx1.00 rod? If so what treatment?

    Along the same lines, how about 8mmx1.00 studs - 110-120 mm long?



    Will trade for oil or ??
  5. mrfasteners

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    I can get all grades from low carbon grade to up to high grade, stainless, etc.
  6. Pablo

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    I got some at M8-1.00, 8.8 from Tacoma Screw today at noon.
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    It would be awesome if you could start piecing together all the fasteners for these MB kits... then maybe find a good throttle (twist grip & thumb) with metal bracket.... then find a gas tank that doesn't leak.

    Then someone could just buy a chengine for $130ish, your kit for $70 or whatever... or you could even add the chengine to your kit.

    Good quality chengine kits are pretty hard to find.
  8. softride

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    Hi Welcome to the site
    Seattle here also
    lots of good info here and the rally in August would be a grat place to check out whats used on these bikes