Anti-DUI MB Taxi Service in CO...?

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    :arrow:Anybody ever heard of this? My cousin used to live in Colorado, and I guess they have this taxi service (Denver, maybe?) where:

    1. You decide that you've had too many to drive. :???:

    2. You call up this service.

    3. They ride a folding-MB to the bar/party you're at. :smile:

    4. They fold up the MB and place it in the trunk of YOUR car. :shock:

    5. And then they give you a sober-ride home (again, in your own car), park the car in your driveway, receive payment, take the MB back out of the vehicle and ride back to the station... :cool::cool::cool:

    :arrow:I guess it costs more than a taxi, but the bonus is that you don't have to retrieve your car from the bar/party the next day... Now, isn't this one of the most innovative things EVER?!? I would love to start a business like this. Anyone with more information (sites, stories, pics, etc.) please do post...

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    The problem with driving a cab, or a plan like this, is you have 100 clients all at the same exact time when the bars close.

    That, and if you have employees, the insurance must be a nightmare.

    However if you're a night owl anyway, do a couple clients, it will help pay for parts.

    And you'd get free publicity from local papers & TV I bet.
  3. Most Coloradans here that like teh bars usually drive pick up trucks so that would be an epic win for all then. So like if you're strapped for cash ride your MB up to a bar and offer up your service.
    I wonder what's a good price? And what of insurance? Like what would happen if a drunk hits you while driving your drunk owner's truck?
    Then you can also carry a trunk mount bike rack. Those are easy to carry around.
    I bet you can place an ad in your local bars too.
  4. jared3377

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    Yeah, I don't think I'd really do it, but it's a neat idea. I think you're right about the insurance, though...
  5. sjackson

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    Most insured drivers' insurance will cover somebody else driving their car with their permission, especially if they're in the vehicle. I know mine does, which is why my fiance can get away with driving my car without being on my policy.
  6. True that but not to stereotype but if someone out there is willing to get drunk in a bar with the very real chance of driving their vehicle home if your service is not around that same irresponsibility could play in that their insurance could have lapsed.
    If someone would REALLY want to get in on this I would contact your local MADD and get with them. Maybe post an ad within their system. Then get with Bar owners. Anymore bar owners are responsible too allowing a drunk to drive their car. Some bar owners take their keys away then the intoxicated man has a choice. Taxi and find a way to get their car in the morning or Bicycle Ron so in the morning their vehicle is on their driveway.
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    In virtually every state, driving for hire (which is what this would be) requires a chauffers license, regardless of the class of vehicle. This provides you some protections - you are mostly exempt from equipment citations (taillight out, etc), but it enhances your responsibility in an accident. Most passenger vehicle insurance specifically excludes chauffers, unless added to the policy (at higher cost).

    In addition, drunks are often combative, and in the event of an accident are quite likely to deny having given you permission to operate their vehicle. Get a signed authorization, witnessed by the bartender or such. Also, get your payment up front - once in their driveway, collecting if they refuse to pay ain't so simple.
  8. Well if they're combative I could always give them a bit of my... never mind. :grin:
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    I heard of this service in Sacramento I believe, but they ride go-ped scooters.
  10. eljefino

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    I would not be surprised to get a cold shoulder. They're teetotallers and only interested in their way of doing things. Making it easier to get drunk and get away with it is not in their cards.

    My dad got ripped at them in the 80's b/c he suggested their literature should include more seatbelt use. True from a highway safety standpoint but not meeting MADDs core mission. They blew him off.
  11. KiDD

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    I hate MADD!
    We can do what they do by getting laws passed about motor bikes instead of drunk driving, we just need to unite and form an advocacy group.
  12. You know,an advocacy group to get Motoredbike laws passed spread thru-out the world including countries that ban their use would probably be one of the greatest groups out there alive.
    I wonder what it would take to start one.
    (woah. This may deserve a new thread.)
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    we have the same service here in vegas, get drunk one drives you home the other your car, no matter what the cost its better than a dui and heavens forbid you had a serious wreck. Although if you have the money the lawyers down here are spin doctors or is it because the judges are corrupt !!!!!!!

    they offer free rides on major holidays the radio stations push their service like crazy (probably get sponsorship threw local firms) will listen out for them over july 4th and post again if i find out anything else about them.