anti theft?

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    is there anything we can do to stop someone from riding off while were in the store?

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    I've been thinking about this problem for a while and I'm not sure how I'm going to solve it since there are too many homeless people around my neighborhood willing to steal anything thats not chained down to a porch. I keep coming back to some sort of quick release pedals so you just take them off and throw them in your pocket (or even one). Maybe put a U-lock in between the rear wheel and the frame to keep the rear wheel from moving. Or even a locking kick-stand that requires a key to flip-up into the standard driving position. Me and a coworker were discussing how to make "The Club" for a bike that would make the handlebars and hand controls inoperable; only problem would be the weight of having to carry out on you while riding.

    I'm going to detail my build hardcore from the start and I've got a couple of other anti-theft ideas. Most of them really will just make the bike impossible to dissemble without the proper tools (have bolts with a couple different Torx bit heads, various sized Allen wrench sockets, etc).
  3. Check with Turbo/Chaos, he was working on gettin some "bike alarms" how efective they are I donot Know. Im planing on putting in a key switch in the ign circit, like the old car alarms. Alot of the people around here take their seat with them when they park their bike. That seames to ackt as a crime prevenitave( or free rectal exam)
    BTW i live in a collage town we have alot of bikes here, also alot of bike theft, not somuch by homless, but opertunist.
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    seat would be a good idea. plus im sure not many people would be smart enough to pull in the clutch and the back tire wouldnt move at all. im mostly worried about the hoodlum kids.
  5. There are naster things they could do, but basic annoyance isusaly the best deturant
    BTW glad to see im not the only insomnac tonight :grin:
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    i'm waiting for the sun to come up so i can get out and ride. couldn't sleep at all last night.
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    How about one of those tracking devises you can put on your dog from Digital Angel. They swipe your bike, and the cops go get it for ya with guns drawn. LOL
  8. I live in Texas 87f at night 103f in the shade during the day no wonder I cannot sleep. Its no wonder why violent crimes drop during the summer aruond here , its to hot to beat someone up. "let it rain, let it rain, let it rain"
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    you guys have it easy down there. im in CT where the gulf stream slams into new england. imagine 90+ with 90%+ humidity. my cousin just moved up here from frisco and he was telling me summers here are brutal compared to there.
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    One of the most interesting and effective bike locking methods I've ever seen was built by an engineering student I was in school with - he'd had three bicycles stolen in three months - all by cutting his chain/cables.

    So, he bought an older bike and stripped it to bare frame, then put a case hardened rod through the top tupe that inserted into a socket he formed in the fork stem; same thing ran down the seat tube to the bottom bracket and engaged the crank, when extended. Both rods were invisble inside the frame tubes - just under the seat he put a cylinder with a keyed lock in it - you straightened the forks, made sure the left pedal was at the top, then turned the key. Both rods would extend, and it was impossible to pedal or steer without unlocking it.

    Three times after that he had his chain cut, each time he found the bike within a 100 yards.
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  12. :cool:
    Actulay blue northers are fun, I like coooold weather. Have You ever heard of hurcanes, I have . anfd I have lived through them. 100% humidity 100+ dagree temp. Then 100mph winds to boot. "Its not that the wind blows Its what the wind blows" Ron White.
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    we luck out on natural disasters. worst we will have is blizzards. and all that means is your stuck inside for a day or 2. ice storms are horrible though. turns the road into a skating rink
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    For me the best thing you can do to prevent theft is to make your bike/car/whatever be undesireable to steal.

    My old car i never locked no matter if i was in nashville or st. louis or murray. Engine run great but the interior of the car was generally trashed. I'm not much for astetics.

    My MB i have has visiable splotches of JB weld and rust visable. The Clutch stays engaged due to a makeshift lever and I made sure to secure everything with either duct tape or electrical tape.. ( It adds flavor).
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    hey rust, duct tape and electrical tape add character
  16. 99nissan frontier, narcolepsy, lots of road trips 4 wrecks, a wife who cannot judge distances, no one in their right mind wants my truck( including me) As far as "OVERKILL" one of my ideas is a taser connected to the handel bars.:rolleyes: or remote control (wheeeeeeee) :rolleyes:
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    Take a look on Instructables. There is one up for modifying a nerf gun to increase its range substantially, and embed a capacitor in the dart. Remote taser discharge, anyone?
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    id say stun gun in the seat they wont be riding it very long
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    It's a toy, clearly identifiable as nothing but. Bright yellow plastic, mostly/

    Which is a nice camouflage.
  20. I REALY LIKE THE TASER SEAT IDEA. That could lead to shocking experance:grin: