Anti Vibration Engine Mounts

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    those mounts look to be of highest quality
    are they going to change position of motor ??
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    MM - Shame you didn't copyright that "thing©" :grin5:

    I don't think the engine position will change much.... looks like it will help span the tubes of the cruisers nicely. A big PLUS for over sized tubing!!!!

    IMHO, Serious builders build their own. At about ½ the price of an engine kit, U-bolts don't seem that unattractive.
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    Another Engine mount

    Check out these engine mounts. I've been wandering around on the web and found this by Creative Engineering. I had forgotten about these. I kind of like this one myself. More parts, joints and connections mean. more room for error. But, my theory on that is, if you build it right the first time, use Locktite, do preventive maintenance and pre-ride inspection, it should be O.K. It also appears that it should give more flexibility for variance on frame geometry as well. Anyone have any opinions or experience with this one ? MOUNT.htm
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    will this truly add strenth to the bicycle frame ??

    have not seen this mount in person -- but -- that THING looks to be mighty fine !!
    braced in the middle -- one piece -- looks good and strong -- question -- will this truly add strenth to the bicycle frame ?? kind of early here not enough coffee -- yet