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    How cool is that!! :)

    I just love seeing all the historical stuff related to motored biking.

    Everytime someone with a motorcycle pokes fun at my motored bike, I remind them that these things are where their motorcycles came from.
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    I want it !!
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    That thing would be HORRIBLE to ride, the pedals are set directly under the seat!
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    Very cool , thanks for that.

    Heres the Holley cleaned up a bit


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  7. Holley Motorcycle

    Hi all, in my research of vintage american motorcycles, an interesting fact emerged about this company.

    These guys had learned to build great Carborators (at the time) and Henry Ford engaged them to design and build carbs for his company, ultimately they quit building Motorcycles, and became the "Holley Carborator Company"

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    This could be a really good thread with lots of old images.....
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    From that last picture of the 1902, it looks like the pedal chain runs on the left side.. how peculiar!

    edit: Lookin at the original ad, it looks like the image was reversed left to right. Wonder if this was common practice for printing back then.
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    That thing would be HORRIBLE to ride, the pedals are set directly under the seat!

    The holly might have been hard to ride but not the California as this was the motored bicycle that George A Wyman rode across America in 1903.First person to cross the usa by motored vehicle---yea he was in N.Y. waiting around when that car(driver mach and dog arrived)!

    BTW Rif did the wyman ride in 2003 on a Motored Bicycle---ALL THE WAY!!
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    My bum still has callouses... LOL