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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by FireBellyCycles, Mar 13, 2009.

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    It seems we are always stumbling on great frames at steep discounts, and I have a suggestion for a MBartering thread... :idea:

    To illustrate, I'm scanning local Craiglists for recumbents, like this $300 value (which I can't use because of the rear tire size)....

    That ad links to this masterpage of Sun recumbents, which says NEW Sun bents can't be shipped to the U.S.

    My theory is, we don't need to ship wheels and tires back and forth, those are locally found items, stacked up in our shops. (I have 4 extra rear 7 speed cassettes dangling from nails on the wall, where did they come from???)

    So, a 30 pound package, bubblewrapped and taped in cardboard costs maybe $20 to ship UPS? (wild guess, this is more of an urban idea anyway).

    And it would take about two hours to prep for shipping.

    We could start some "insta-threads", to post bargains we see along the highways and byways, the type of bikes we would buy for ourselves or our dear mudders, if we had the money or space.

    Call the threads "Yard Sale" cruisers, "Yard Sale" trikes, "Yard Sale" recumbents.....etc.

    Implication is after 5 days, that bike is gone.

    Mountain bikes and mongooses are a dime a dozen, I'm talking about these beauties folks are finding in the crazy Uncle's garage. If I read about one more $50 Zip Cycle in mint condition, "Should I buy it....

    If these bargain threads get 100 postings in a few months, it could be the "treasure finding spot".

    Also, by having all the highway robberies in one long thread, folks will get the idea of what models of bikes work best.
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