Antique Surrey w/Briggs & Stratton

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    Hello Everyone,

    Thought I would join the forum to share my ride. I purchased the frame in Lake Tahoe about 4 years ago (surreyA), and have been fixing it up ever since. The engine and clutch came from a 1960 Toro Sportlawn Reel Mower. It can do about 15-20 MPH. The stock exhaust does a great job of keeping it quiet enough so not to annoy people when in a crowded area.

    The frame is an Italian Surrey (not sure of the actual date) but early 70's would be my guess. It is the only one I have seen in person. There are 3 old photos under the about us on Surreys website that shows that it was the first model to come to the United States.

    I also posted a Pic (surreyRed) of another Surrey Project I just bought that will have an engine as well. However, this one will have a suspension.

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    Welcome to MBc, CC. Totally awesome build from top to bottom and front to back. be sure you keep it locked up at all timed, and [be sure not to let me know where it is.]<g>
    I love it. Why not post a picture of it with your name, and also do up a detailed build, panagraph, and, post it in one of the prominent Forums with a step-thru of how you built it. I, for one, and the members at large would profit a great deal from that. Most of their experience, if any, is trying to strap a chinese 2-stroke to a $100 Wally World bike. I am not being demeaning, but that is all of the experience they have. It would be good to expose them to something of real, lasting, quality. What do you's up to you. I'll help where I can...but I think this is something the membership should be exposed to, and see first hand. It is truely a work of art. And, I would be proud to show it off. Good Luck to you.
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    Thanks for your kind words Patrick. I live in Pismo Beach Ca. which is not a very bike freindly town (in my opinion). However, I take the bike to Santa Barbara, Carmel, LA, etc. to explore and enjoy the sites without burning the legs out. I have never locked the bike up, and will park it outside any shop and in most cases, a crowd starts to form around it and makes it a little difficult for someone to just take it. I have had kids hanging off of it when I return, but for the most part, i'm ok with that. Due to the fact that it is a rare bike, if someone were to steal it, it would be only a matter of time before it would be found. I have not had any problems with the law...yet... but I expect to find one ******* who has nothing better to do than to show off his or her authority at some point in time. I will take video of it running and a possible tour of Santa Barbara and post the clips here on the forum. The bike is for sale (like all of my projects) with a wopping $4,000.00 price tag. The other red Surrey I plan on building has a current price tag of $400.00 but will increase as I restore it. I have my eye on a four seater (older Surrey) that I will probably buy here soon for about $1500 that needs to be fully rehabed and plan on placing a 5hp on it. The conversion of Surreys is a pretty simple one if you have basic knowledge in mechanics. They offer a 36volt motor (Hub based) for $700 that works fine for about 1.5 hrs but then needs to be charged for 3 hrs. I liked the idea of electric, but I still feel gas is a much better option for my use. Thanks again for the message. PS I also have many other types of 4 wheel and 3 wheel bikes / choppers that are for sale (none with engines) I will post a few pictures of them in case someone out there wants to dig into a mod project. I have too many projects and not enough time to start them all. Take care, Michael McKinney
  4. I could not agree more Patrick.

    CC, congratulations on such a
    WOW, I've been riding bikes my whole life, and the closest machine I have seen compared to your Surrey would be the Rhoades Car?
    I am not sure how long the Rhoades have been around but to think that there was a similar (??bike??) Made all them years ago!! Absolutely magnificant!!
    I have never even riden recumbent, so I could only imagine what it would be like to cruise around the streets in a grand old Surrey??
    Seems almost regal in a way....
    Keep up the stirling work Mr Wheels.
    I really hope we get to see a few more grand old Surrys like your beutiful lady in the future.
    Please excuse my apparent ignorance regarding whether or not it is called a bike,
    it seems a tad strange to me is all.
    Is there correct terminology concerning the Surreys classification???

    I wonder what class it would race in at Willow Springs/Grange???

    Its in a class of its own!!! Thats for sure!!!:euro:
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    Thank you 2CycleLogicalIssueS,
    The name "Surrey" is a generic term describing both pedal powered four (4) wheel "quadracycles" vehicles and horse drawn carriages. (and my carriage has 2 horses)
    I have many people taking pictures of it when I take it into town.
    I had one gentleman asking me how much I would rent it for (with my wife on our anniversary)... cruising Solvang (very small town on bike). Any other day I might have considered it, but on that day, it was taken!
    It is very comfortable on smooth streets. I plan on making different removable tops, and will also be cutting off the rear battery bracket when I convert it to LED's and will then use a simple 7.4 volt RC battery that will last many hours before recharging. We use the LED's on RC planes and fly at night. Really cool how light weight, cool to the touch and extremely bright they are. That will help loose some needed weight. As for racing... LOL... as much fun as it looks, unless the race required a blood alcohol level of .08 or more to enter...and last place won.... I'll stick with the boardwalks.
    Thanks again.
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    A sweet ride indeed. As a retired restorer of antique furniture I enjoyed the wood fenders and as a past restorer of vehicles on a part time basis the bike was a treat.

    The best part is I live in the City of Surrey, British Columbia.

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    Thanks Steve,
    The original bike had Formica fenders (from the one side panel that came with the bike). Surrey then went to plastic fenders (I hate plastic). Real wood just makes the bike (in my opinion). I am overwhelmed with ideas for the Red Surrey Project. I have been thinking of extending the frame to have a cargo bed as well as a rear independent suspension. However, the thought of just fixing it up nice with wood fenders and an engine just to sell so I can get the 4 seater is still on the plate. I really want to make a small trailer to haul the Black Surrey behind my '69 VW convertible Beetle...Either way, it seems that my wife wants me to finish rebuilding the motor for our '84 Porsche 944 before I even touch the Red Surrey or trailer, etc. So As you can see, like many of you, projects are not hard to find, and sometimes it requires wifey to put the pressure on to complete them.
    So, here's to being married with projects! CHEERS!
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    CC, Sounds like your plate is full.
    Friend of mine had a beautiful, low mileage 944 and he was going through the state forest near his house and a song came on the radio that he couldn't stand and he looked at the radio to change the channel and a wheel hooked the shoulder and flipped him down the embankment.
    He just spent thousand of dollars on it and was on the way home from the garage. He had to make do with his 911 with the whale tail.

    My brother and I at one time owned a 1953 Porshe convertable. It was one of two that Volkwagen Canada brought in to the country to introduce them. Documented by VW. Sold it to the guy that owned the coupe. Paid $125 for it in 1965. You bet we wish we still had it.

  9. I have a surray bike. Id like to sell. I live in Texas. My number is 430-775-9204