Antique Tecumseh 3 HP? Build ideas

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by coyote888, Jun 2, 2015.

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    So I got a 3 HP (estimated) maybe 4 hp Tecumseh engine out of my grandpas barn. He has had it in there for 15 years when he picked it up used at a garage sale and its probably much, much older. Its badged as a craftsman engine I only found it to be a Tecumseh when I tore it down to get it running again (which I did, just needed to fiddle with the magneto and rough up some contact points) its a horizontal shaft flat head 4 stroke. The cylinder looks beautiful and dust and a rusted out muffler and totally rotten fuel lines are the only issue. It was even put away with brand new oil that I will change anyway. The thing doesn't even have a spring pull corn but notches and a pully to wrap a cord around.

    Do you think a friction drive would be best? As I would need to trim the crank and remove the gas tank to make it fit in the frame. If so what should the size of the drive wheel off the crank be? I plan on doing a full restoration including paint for the shrouds and polishing of all the aluminum.

    It was probably a tiller engine originally based on the way the throttle is set up and the mounts. Its a beautiful engine under all the rust and dust.

    I'm open to all ideas that don't require a ridiculous amount of custom fab or ruining the antique look of this engine.

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    I wouldn't put it in the frame. Those old wrap rope starters would just love to munch legs.
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    Pictures of this beast?

    Even if it is fresh oil, you are right for changing it out. Oil degrades over time, especially 15 years. There's probably a good amount of crap in the bottom of that crank case. I'd tear it all the way down and flush it out reeeeal good with something like brake cleaner, or if you are less ambitious you can just open up the drains and flush it with gas or diesel until it runs clear, then let dry.
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    I'll try to get some pics up but idk how from my phone, I'll need to get them on my computer. The carb is bad too. I'm trying to clean it out but if I can't get the carb to work I will likely need to make a brigs carb fit it as Tecumseh was infamous for completely changing their carb designs every couple years, so the likelyhood of me finding a working carb for this engine is slim. I originally got it running on starting fluid and just for a few seconds. The carb is just letting gas run straight through and out of the the carbs intake. There isn't a bowl or float in the carb at all. Its a strange design that I will also upload pictures of.
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    That sounds to me like an old washing machine motor. At one time washing machines were kept in a shed "out back" and powered by small gas engines. Many had a foot start and are really pretty cool. Some had wind around rope pulls, and many were converted over the years to the rope pull (Sears sold a conversion kit) as the motors were repurposed, and the foot starters were really not that good and the starter drive gear stripped, it was cheaper to convert it to a rope pull and get "one of the boys" to come and start it.

    Google and eBay "washing machine motors" and you may find it. There are forums to support them and you will likely find parts with a little diligence.