antique/vintage snowmobiles?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by pianoman8t8, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. pianoman8t8

    pianoman8t8 Guest

    anyone here interested in antique/vintage snowmobiles? or snowmobiling? I am. I wish we had more snow, though. What's the point of having cold cold weather if there's hardly any snow? jeez...

  2. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    what does a vintage snowmobile look like?

    Ive never even ridden any snowmobiles. The look like they could be fun though.
  3. pianoman8t8

    pianoman8t8 Guest

    1971 Sno Jet Star Jet Deluxe 338 Yamaha engine fan cooled, bogey wheel suspension

    Sno Jet was in business from either 1965 or '66 'til 1976, then Kawasaki bought them out. If you take a look at any 1977 Kawasaki/Sno Jet, Kawasaki used the same look for that year. Then they started coming out with other models, but I'm into Sno Jet's alot, and wish I had more of 'em, and wish we had more snow![​IMG]

    I also have a 1987 Yamaha Phazer 485 fan cooled


    The Phazer goes about 90-95 (speedometer reading, anyway) on a good day. It's only a one person sled, but my girlfriend has never been on one, so i decided to take her along... I like fast things that have motors!!! ehnce that's why i have 2 speeding tickets from my car... owell, it happens... anyway, so that's a couple examples of snowmobiles, but you gotta have snow, traditionally.

  4. D.J.

    D.J. Guest

    I love the Snow Jet . I always liked the old machines . My favorite was the Mercury . I had one in the 90's .


    I had the ultimate snow toy . It is a Hoverover hovercraft made in Montreal in the 70's . It was also pretty great in the summer too . It has 3 engines . It was faster on snow than water . It sounded like three small planes taking off at the same time . I sold it two years ago . and miss it . ................................D.J.

    Me in the 80's

  5. pianoman8t8

    pianoman8t8 Guest

    hey, i like that hovercraft, it's sweeeeeeet!!! looks like a load of fun!!! I've seen those mercury's on ebay, and I've been keeping my eye on the old Radier's, made by bombardier. I just sold an '82 John Deere Spitfire, and also sold a 1972 SkiDoo Olympic. I ahev currently for sale a 1972 Skidoo Nordic widetrack, and a 1973 Skidoo Olympic. I don't really care for the 70's look of the skidoos, but rather the late 60's look, the rounded hood look. My snowmobile of favorite would be the 1972 Sno Jet Thunderjet 650

    Also, just as an adrenaline junkie snowmobile, this 2003ish Redline snowmobile. It has an 800cc twin, 4 stroke, 140 HP, and they also had plans to make a triple cylinder 1300cc 225 HP. WOW!!! weighin in at a mere 500 lbs, which is light considering my phazer weights 450, and thats light compared to the newer sleds like the artic cats. not to offend anyone, but i don't care for the new artic cats. I like the older modelf from the early 70's, though.
  6. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    90-95 on a snowmobile?!?! mph?!?! that seems way fast. I wonder if they have snow-cooled snowmobiles...
  7. pianoman8t8

    pianoman8t8 Guest

    Some snowmobiles are liquid cooled, and the cooling system goes underneath the seat and when the track goes, it kicks up snow, therefore putting cool snow on the hot cooling system plate, and the snow keeps the cooling plate thing cooler than hot, hence keeping engine cooler.
  8. psuggmog

    psuggmog Guest

    Have you ever tried driving your snowmachine over water? I was in the upper peninsula of Michigan one summer a watched these guys running their snowmachines on a lake. As long as they were going at least 12mph they would skim the top of the water and not sink. They started on land, then rushed down a hill to the water. They had floats on a long rope, so if the engine stalled and the snomobile sunk, they could be retrieved. I was told, all that was necessary was to get the water out of the carb and they'd start right up after sinking.
  9. Wheels

    Wheels Guest

    I see a rat smoking a cigarette

  10. pianoman8t8

    pianoman8t8 Guest

    a rat smoking a cigarette? that's funny. i don't see it though.
  11. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    DANG!!!! now I see it. :lol:
  12. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest too :)

    i also see sum pretty cool snowmo's...i absolutely love the snojet 650 8)
  13. I saw an EXTREME:eek: snowmobile contest where they drove down the side of a hill and tried to see how far across a semi-frozen lake they could get, the only guy who made it was practically naked, so I guess he wanted it more.
  14. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Sideshow, they call that "water skipping". Not something you want to do when you are out by yourself, or if you are far from dry clothes. Every year here, 3 or 4 people end up having to drag their machines out of some lake or river. I try to avoid it. We have a race here each winter called the AlCan 200. They close the highway and use it as a track to race up to Dezadeash Lake and back. I think last year the winner Averaged about 120 mph.
  15. uncle_punk13

    uncle_punk13 Guest

    Last year I sold a '59 single, and a '71 twin cylinder. Can't remember the brands/models though. They were given to me, so being a Jawa, I took 'em home. they sart out in the front yard for a little while for I was trying to figure out what to do with 'em. someone who's into that vintage snow fun, stopped and made me an offer.
    I have to be honest here- All I could think of was rippin' the twin cylinder variable pulleyed engine out and figuring out how to fit it on a vintage schwinn...:lol::lol::lol::cool:
  16. mnbiker

    mnbiker Guest

    a 50 single? if it ran and was decient you sold a gold mine.
  17. uncle_punk13

    uncle_punk13 Guest

    eh. Yeah, okay. I sold 'em fer 200 each, and a vintage raliegh built huffy sportsman non running condition. I'm happy he was ecstatic, we called it square. Like I said, I'm not into 'em and didn't really need more scrap and junk cluttering up my yard. So it was all good.
  18. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    Wow, brings back some memories. I had what looked like a bullet with a windshield, probably weighed in around 350 lbs. It was a mid sixties Johnson with reverse. That thing was a blast until you stopped on fluff, it would just sink down. I think lifting the rearend and scooting it over hundreds of times, might have led to my back injuies later in life.
  19. uncle_punk13

    uncle_punk13 Guest

    The older one was a bombadier, and the newer a radir... They were pretty rough around the edges. Kinda neat, but I just didn't need mor5e attention fromn mthe local 'yard nazis', they barely tolerate the old bike, motorcycle, hot rod parts, and other strange stuff I drag home, so...
  20. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    Thats exactly why I took up a run down house in the country 20 years ago.
    You can put up a privacy fence and your toys can't be seen.