For Sale Antivibe mounts for HTs

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by darwin, Dec 7, 2014.

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  2. darwin

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  3. butre

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    that's a good way to wreck studs
  4. darwin

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    How would the studs get wrecked Butre?
  5. butre

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    rubber in the mounts is the source of nearly every broken stud story
  6. darwin

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    If those mounts are utilized properply vibrations will be reduced.
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  7. bluegoatwoods

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    It is an interesting idea, isn't it?

    But I'm also aware that there're folks whose opinions I respect who think dampening is a bad idea. For that reason I haven't experimented with it other than right at first.

    Do you remember Quay62? When I was a newbie (spring 2008) she advised me to use leather as a dampener. I did so on my first build and the results seemed just fine. But I've used no dampeners since and, really, I can't tell any difference in feel, comfort, or frame wear.

    If these neoprene (?) dampeners are compressed, or tightened, to just the right value I'll bet they'd do just fine too. But if they don't fit right or are under-compressed, then I can easily picture excessive movement within them. Which could definitely lead to stud stress. Breakage becomes plausible then.
  8. Fabian

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    When the engine weighs as much as the bicycle, you cannot dampen vibration, for the bicycle does not have enough mass to resist the cyclic motion of the engine. In such a scenario, rubber mounts will tend to amplify vibration.

    The reason why rubber engine mounts or fluid dampers work in automobiles and motorbikes is due to the mass of the frame and associated parts being heavier than the engine. In the case of a motorbike, such as the Yamaha RD/RZ 250/350 they still vibrated like a *******, even with rubber engine mounts, due to the frame being relatively light.
  9. darwin

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    I'd like to get an opinion from someone who's used those mounts and see wassup. Maybe you guys are right but it sure seems like a good idea......anyways a good discussion, it will give others info to decide whether these are a good idea or not.