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    Steve and Anton,

    Steve made a really good in-depth guide for reading both the tip and base of the spark plug in a large thread a couple of weeks or months ago. It had a spark plug color chart along with a very detail step by step explanation of a thorough spark chop process. He also talks about the squish I think in that thread too.

    I check the stickies, unless I am blind, I really didn't see anything in the stickies specifically on the spark plug chop and adjustment and in such detail as Steve made. I also tried to find it but Steve does post a lot and I specifically don't need the information but there are a lot of new folks here asking if my spark plug looks good and if Steve would be kind enough to find his information or composite something others here can just link Steve's sticky in that case.

    Kudos to you Steve for that good thread, which shouldn't be lost in the amount of posts on this forum.

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    Sure, will be happy to sticky the thread if you point me to the URL!