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    Hi their MBer's,

    I'm now anxiously waiting for delivery of a replacement MB (Honda GXH50) friction engine kit from across the pond and anxious because though the USPS Priority International Mail tracking number say's the kit has left the US no further news or updates have been received for four days:confused:. I'm assuming that the kit has already arrived in France and that the delay is due to it being held up by French Customs? Well i'm hoping that's the reason for no new tracking info updates but then again at the back of my mind i'm fearing that the kit could eventually get lost or at worst stolen. Unfortunately, such incidences have happened before where by an item has not arrived but has been falsifié signed as being delivered:veryangry: However if all goes to plan (touch wood) delivery wise then i'm hoping the kit will arrive at my door sometime in the next few days thus allowing for ditching the very cheap/poorly built Chinese engine i was using last Summer. My end goal is for replacing friction drive for a gear shift chain/belt drive combine setup ofwhich i'll be purchasing again from the same US supplier.

    In the mean time all i can do is wait for delivery of the impending MB kit thus until then

    Enjoy your MB riding
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    Looking forward to the arrival of the kit is part of the fun. Keep us posted on the friction install and transformation to chain drive.
    When i was in Saudi Arabia, we dealt with customs and the Muwati before we got our mail.
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    The Kit is now holed up with French Customs and has been for the past four days with no news about when it'll officially be released for delivery. At worst the Customs people could refuse the Honda Kit entry into France thus leaving me with a very large hole in my pocket but i'm hoping it doesn't come to that. Afterall the French it seem's allow foreign undesirables (myself excluded) into their Country of the human kind :grin5:
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    Received info concerning the MB engine kit that's being held up by French Customs and i'm at a loss as to why it's stated - Into Foreign Customs twice?

    Into Foreign Customs, January 28, 2011, 11:18 am, FRANCE
    Into Foreign Customs, January 24, 2011, 11:26 am, FRANCE
    Arrived Abroad, January 24, 2011, 11:15 am, FRANCE
    International Dispatch, January 20, 2011, 1:57 pm, ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS)
    Electronic Shipping Info Received, January 17, 2011ond time?

    I'm now starting to think that either

    1/ The Kit won't be allowed entry into France

    2/ I'll be asked too pay import duty + Custom's charges before the Kit is released for delivery.

    Now i'm keeping my fingers crossed that niether of the two examples above will apply and that i'm just being paranoid.

    Good MB riding folk's

    NB: I should point out that the BGF friction drive kit + Chinese engine i purchased last April passed through French Customs without a hitch so what's different with the Honda GXH50 kit?
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  5. bilboby

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    Will be hopefully collecting the new Staton friction + Honda GXH 50 engine from my Post Office this morning so i'm also hoping that the kit is complete given that the box was probably opened and searched by French Customs.

    Happy MB riding
  6. bilboby

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    Went to collect the kit from my local PO only to be told that there's 280 euros Custom tax to pay so sacked the idea for today thus will be paying this tax next week. The total cost for the Engine + FD kit will of cost a mere $1000 so i hope the whole experience will be worth it in that the engine will last longer than the 4 months i had with the BGF engine FD kit.
  7. Dave C

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    Holy :poop:, batman!?!? Isn't there a cheaper option like a scrapyard motor from one of the many mopeds made? $1000US is not cheap and I'd rather try to put a Motobecane or Puch or even Peugeot moped motor on a bike.

    I hope the combination lasts forever for you. That price you paid just makes me go:ack2:
  8. bilboby

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    Sorry Dave C,

    I should correct my last post by saying that that the total of nearly $1000 also includes the Customs tax i'm being forced to pay on top. The brand new Honda GXH 50 + FD kit cost around $5-600 give or take a few bucks and yes i'm hoping aswell the engine will run for a long time. My experience from buying a cheap engine + fd kits from Chinese suppliers along with a HT motor in the past has forced such a purchase upon myself. Reason being that i now realise the engine & FD quality you get depends on how much you pay for it and from who.

    Happy MB riding