Any 4 cycle advice?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Badger, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Badger

    Badger New Member

    Who nakes the best one?

  2. BiMoPed

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    Longer boats are coming to win us....
  3. Porkchop

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    Any of the Japanese name brands should do fine !
  4. dougsr.874

    dougsr.874 Active Member

    Are you talking about a kit or an engine only?
  5. Badger

    Badger New Member

    I like kits
    I am open for suggestions I won't buy it until summer. My 2cycle is fine but I have the fever now.
  6. Will Snow

    Will Snow Member

    Here are some of the kits that I like:

    1. Stanton axle mount: It is compact, very good materials and machine work, reasonably quiet and I like the idea of mounting it low. So far it is highly reliable, no tinkering to keep it operating right. Just hop on and go, so far.

    I can hear some gear noise that is only slightly noticable. The motor hangs outside the wheel several inches but in my case I have rear panniers above the motor that stick out just as far so the motor looks o.k. in my openion. The other day I put a picture of it on the Picture Gallery listed as Simple, reliable. That may give you an idea of what it looks like.

    2. Golden Eagle belt drive: They make a fine quality kit with the well done belt drive. What is also neat about there kit is you change the gearing very quick and easy by changing to a different size front drive pulley (they have 3 sizes) The Quality is very good and probably one of the easiest to install.
    The one problem is broken spokes. They offer a stronger wheel at a reasonable price that should be purchased and that seems to take care of the problem. Several years ago on one of his first kit I found it impossible to center the rear drive ring on the wheel. I complained about this so much that they were ready to hang me to the nearest Yard Arm. They now have a nice designed rear ring that mounts just fine. On the last on kit I ordered the strong wheel and asked them to install the ring for me just to be sure centering would not be a problem. Well centered and works great.

    3. For friction drive I found Bike Motor Part to be very good but I have read that they may be out of business.

    My number one choice in motors is the 35cc Robin Subaru. Not as powerful as some but bullet proof reliable, compact and just an all around nice running engine. There is a Chinese engine that I have tried that seems good also.

    The Chinese kits never were at the top of my list and I have tried several 2 cycle and 4cycle over the many years. Yet, the price is much cheeper than those I have listed above and many members on this forum seem to get good service from these kits.

    There are other 4cycle kits out there that probably deserive mention such as EZ Motorbikes. Mr Gunther designed this one and this is one fellow you can trust. He built up a Whizzer motor for me several years ago and I can say nothing but good about this person. I have the bike and motor to this day and it is a real runner. Fast, good sounding and just seems to go for ever. I have never tried one but I bet the EZ is a good set up.

    I have been tinkering with motorized bicycles of and on starting back in the late 50's but never have put a lot of miles commuting or taken long trips as some members on this forum have. My experience is more limited and I have never got above so so tinkering, but maybe this will be a help to you and good luck on Whatever you choose.

    Best Regards

    Will Snow
  7. dougsr.874

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    I have had great success with the HuaSheng engine, Stage 111 gearbox setup....never a problem with the engine in 3 yrs...gearbox is fine if you fill it with heavy grease and never engage the gears with the engine running.....STAY AWAY FROM ANY KIT THAT HAS A HOOT GEARBOX involved....
  8. Badger

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    Thanks for the advice.