Any betta 4-stroke models on the horizon?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by mifletz, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. mifletz

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    4-strokes are quieter and smokeless compared to 2 strokes.

    But are there any technological improvements/new models on the horizon that will make eg a Robin 35 even quieter, as it's still quite noisy and attracts attention, and to raise its power from 1.6 to 2.0/2.2hp?

    Or is it not technically feasible at this time?

  2. Old Bob

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    Nope, and not likely in the near future. The new two strokes are meeting EPA emissions standards,so four stroke developement has been non existant.
    The big players only shifted to four strokes because they meet the EPA standards by a large margin.
    IF there was a market large enough you would see more also, but they market demand for four strokes under 35cc is not there.
  3. HeadSmess

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    also a big fat no.

    the costs required, versus the profit made.... nope.

    until the need arises...

    i liken this to model aircraft.

    first there was the 2stroke, noisy but standard.

    someone made a 4stroke, and its the sound more than anything that wins here!

    so then there was a market for more 4strokes, in more sizes!

    OS motors got silly and made the fs20,26, and 30.

    they discontinued the 20 and the 26. the 30 shares most parts, and is still in production.

    but then, for some reason, they re-released the 26 a car version!

    now heres the thing...there seemed to be no changes made to it from the original plane version, besides the colour and the pullstart!

    so now its extremely rare! as the production was ceased fairly rapidly.

    but why go to all the effort? and then just drop it?

    because there was no need for them! not to mention fitting one is a challenge!

    so now we have the same problem here....

    the 2stroke suits the application well, theres no major need to change, so why change?

    honda just wanted to be the standard setter. they are now :)

    anyways. its in the books.

    market demands, market demands. noone has demanded a 50cc vtwin with clutch and 1 or 2 speed box... :(
  4. Old Bob

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    Well actually we'll see what happens for 2012, Phase 3 is going to go into effect late 2011 and certainly by 2012.
    Its going to get tough on 2 smokes, not only are the regs tighter but they are also counting NOX emissions and evaporative emissions.
  5. wheelbender6

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    The priority of the 4 stroke makers is reliability and low fuel consumption.
    You can wake up your HS thumper with a cam kit from BlowByYou. It's just basic hot rodding.
  6. Old Bob

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    Nope, they are not selling anything. They found the same thing I found,there is not enough money in this market to make it worthwhile.

  7. My Robin Suburu EHO35 has plenty of power for me, but it's noise is a problem. I like to go out for a 20-30 mile ride on Sunday morning, when the "real"cyclists", joggers, walkers, dog walkers, etc. are out, and everything is very quiet, as there is almost no traffic early Sunday morning. You can hear that engine and it's echo from a mile away, and it attracts a lot of unwanted attention. Seems everybody here hates MBs.
  8. Happy Valley

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    A 'mile away' is a tad bit exaggerated but I do know what you're saying, I get that too sometimes with the dog walkers putting their fingers in their ears when I pass. And these micro 4 strokes are some of the quietest engines available, imagine running some of the other engines you read about on these pages or and elsewhere, the 2 stroke screamers or bigger bore jobs.

    There are some methods to knock a little of the noise down, ancillary muffling and such or it just might be time to think electric if you want to continue with power assist.
  9. Old Bob

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    MUFFLERS go a long way,use them.