Any body know the size of a GX 120

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    I live really close to the l Plumas National Forest so I like trails camping in the high lakes so I got this mountain bike chrome molly frame, I have 12'' length by 7''3/4 tall of room for an engine to go. Will a 120 GX fit. I know the GX 120 is 11.7 length but not sure how tall it is. I was reading that the 120 GX will put out 50 watts I like light. If it don't fit maybe 99 Harbor Freight (do they still sell that engine ) or 79 Harbor Freight. I know I could get a motorcycle. I do just got it running 1980 XL 500 sat for 10 years after paying DMV $700.00 registering it $100.00 something paying 100.00 for a guy to rebuild the carburetor never worked? Got a Mikuni 38 mm high comp piston. Worth it the I never have to drive with the front wheel on the ground. Thanks
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    Hi everyone all I need is how tall is the GX 120 minus gas tank. Is it the same size as the Harbor Freight 79cc / 99cc engine. Does any body know. Crank arms can always be cutt and re welded and I'll get some of those chrome molly tabs from Ballistic Fabrications the ones with the skulls (make the frame stronger) thanks.
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    The Honda GX120 isn't used very much on motorized bikes.

    There is only one that has come to the races and that GX 100 replaced a 200 cc 4 stroke motor.

    Sorry, I don't know the height minus the gas tank.
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    Seems like a nice engine lighten it up, aluminum flywheel billet rod holow out the rod ends on the crank, lighter piston deck the head balance take away the presedent I mean govener maybe . I bet It would rev like crazy and have a lott of torq. Maybe close to a 212 but lighter. Well I got to spend my money other places.