Any Carb forward engines here?

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  1. going for a different look, on the Comic flyer.after LOTS of clean-up.

    gonna put in LED lights, mod the muffler and build a custom intake manifold.
    Have already moved the transfer ports, and milled the jug. Anyone turned the jug 180*


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    Yes there is one. There is not too much of an advantage to one for us. On some of the early racing bikes they used them, but I think they were rotary valve engines. I like the bike you have chosen, Very cool. Have fun, Dave
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    Davo you are using the Russian engine, how do you like it? Looks cool in that frame. There are a few company's that are starting to make some of the older style bikes again, I love all the space age looks from the 50's. Beautiful bike. Have fun, Dave

    PS: That engine is a rotary valve engine using a small hole in the crankshaft as the valve. The German MZ was the first to use a flat disc rotary valve. It gave an infinite configuration for tuning, stolen by Suzuki racing as the MZ rider came to Suzuk. Then Yamaha. A lot of the model engines use the crank rotary valve, known as glow engines.
  5. Found out what the secret was, says lost 684g. off the crank:detective: Howard and Allen say this engine will run real smooth. They just got back from the balance shop.:cool2:
    They say lost weight at the crank, is a good thing

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  6. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member all went deep with this engine. I like it!!
  7. I'll be the first to ask. What's up with the bar sticking out on both ends? And flipping the jug? Can you do so without any other mods?
    That bike is too cool.
  8. I had to go ask. They said the bar is part of a "jig" that holds the engine, horizonal to the crank center line, used to true up the case to jug surface, and to mill the case to lower the jug. cause Allen says the intake is to high.also said "looks like they plunge cut the surface" at the factory.. this pic you can see the low places after just a slight cut

    flipped the jug, just to be different:goofy:

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    Egor...YES... I am running 2 of these Russian engines.....let's continue this conversation over here.... I need to learn more...

    I believe that bar is just taking up space, until they put that balanced crank back in there.

    y'all are taking these engines a whole new direction.... kudos!!
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  10. I had it spelled wrong-- Its a "Cosmic" flyer thats why I couldn't find any info on it:dunce: It's a 1941:eek:
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    A balanced crank!!! That is music to my ears. please tell us more about how you had it done.

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    Wow look at the amount of metal that had to be removed to get it in balance! A comment about how it is good for the engine to loose weight off the crank. It is not necessarily a good thing. The weight is designed to create torque, (energy stored in the weights) if the weight is removed you loose that attribute of the engine. On another note you would also on the happy engine need to get rid of the space created by the missing material off the crank. If the space is left the engine looses the crankcase pressure needed to push the gasses to the top end. A two stroke engine needs to have as small a space left over around the crank as possible. I was reading about a Kriedler 50 twin that made 20hp at 18,000 RPM, there is no extra space in the crankcase. Have fun, Dave
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    how exactly did the dual carbs go because I would like to make on myself ive got 2 spare intake manifolds myself and a gas mig welder.
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    oh ye and what kind of place would I be able to get my engine balanced at? eg just normal place that does cars or what?