Any clutches out there for the GHX50?

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by cycledude, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. cycledude

    cycledude Member

    I know there are some out there but Im looking for something more down to earth as far as the price.


  2. spad4me

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    Staton sells a GEM quality clutch setup.
    Unfortunally he charges like it is made of DIAMONDS.
    This link is just for the adapter that enables a 78 mm clutch that he sells to be used

    Call him for the complete price and parts needed .

  3. cycledude

    cycledude Member

    Yeah, the clutch, + all the other components.
    Excellent quality from what Im able to see.
    Dont they sell anything else that fits on there for less? Guess Ill ask.
    I can always upgrade to the nicer clutch, I just want to get off the ground with planning this thing out before getting the engine.:sweatdrop:
  4. kerf

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    Staton sells GXH50 friction drive kits and there are several people on this forum that have them. David also states on his site "Be sure and check out the Gear & Chain Drive kits if you need a engine this powerful". The Honda has lots of torque and the friction drive might not be the best setup. It also places a rather heavy engine pretty far off center because of the required adapter. Have you considered one of the two strokes available, not as quite but just as fast and much lighter.
  5. darwin

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    In my opinion the best friction 4 cycle system for the money is a HS 50cc motor hooked up to a BMP kit. For $300 your on the road minus the bike. If you shop around you can do better than that.