Any Colorado Motored Bicycle Riders in Denver area?

Discussion in 'Races, Events & Group Rides' started by COBikeMkr, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. COBikeMkr

    COBikeMkr New Member

    Hi Everyone -

    Just seeing if there are any builders and motored bikers in the Denver area that meet up with their bikes. I've seen one or two driving in Cherry Creek but wasn't sure. Would love to meet up and talk engines and carbs to see what you are all using out here to deal with the altitude.


  2. 2smokinCObiker

    2smokinCObiker New Member

    Hey man I'm relatively new to the MB scene however I just completed my first build and am helping a buddy build his we would love to set a time to ride before it gets too cold lol
  3. COBikeMkr

    COBikeMkr New Member

    What are you guys putting together? Any pictures? I went with a 49cc four stroke that I customized. I'd be down to go for a ride
  4. 2smokinCObiker

    2smokinCObiker New Member

    I have a 66cc 2 stroke bobber/cruiser/Frankenstein 29r my buddys is a 66 as well on a 26 inch mtn bike I'm not sure how to post pics lemme investigate and then I'll post them