Any comfort bikes suitable ??

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  1. skweezit

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    Hey people,
    I'm in a tizzy, trying to decide on a bike, to put an in frame 4-stroke engine kit on. I really want a bike that has a front fork suspension and a seat post suspension. The problem seems to be the space needed in the bike frame needing to be large enough to mount a 4-stroke. So I put the question out there?

    What comfort bike models would be OK for this ??

  2. ocscully

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    I can't say just what models of comfort bike have the room to fit a 4-stroke motor kit but I can tell you that the opening in the frame needs to be able to accept a cardboard cut out that measures 8.5 inches fore and aft by 9.5 inches top to bottom. One model that I know for sure is the old Schwinn Skyliner, But this model was discontinued in 2002 or there about. I bought mine used off craigslist for $40.00.

  3. skweezit

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    I read about that cardboard cut out too, only difference with mine is it measures 9.5"x8".(this is for a HuShang 4-stroke) Thanks for the lead. I'll start looking for one.
  4. happycheapskate

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    Possibly a Diamondback 700c flatbar road bike with front shock. has "male" and "female" comfort and hybrid bikes.

    Most of those type bikes have sharply sloping top tubes so you might be happier with a mountain bike.

    I've seen a 4 stroke kit on a bike like this before.

  5. loquin

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    skweezit : Are the triangle measurements you mention (9.5"x8") Top X Height? or Height X Top? I can check my Trek Navigator tonight.
  6. Skyliner70cc

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    Older (no longer made) Schwinn Skyliner and Schwinn Searcher
  7. wheelbender6

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    More recently made comfort bikes have a smaller front triangle, it seems.
    The Electra Townie, or one of the many look alikes made by other companies
    should have room.
  8. skweezit

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    I think it's TopxHeight

    Check out this vid for proper measuring for a HuaShang 4-stroke engine to see if your bike has the needed space.
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  9. skweezit

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    I found a skyliner for sale in a nearby city for $90, so That's the way I'm going.
  10. skweezit

    skweezit New Member

    WOW those Townie look real.....supafine....hmmmm
  11. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    The Skyliner would be nice.


    For future reference, the Trek Navigator 2.0, in a 21 inch frame, has an opening that's almost 19 inches on the top, and 13.5 inches height. The bottom tube is a bit curved, but the measurements were taken using as if there is a straight tube from the crank weld.
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  12. wbuttry

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    only motors to fit a comfort bike is that i got would be rack mount or frictin dam bike manafactures are trying to cut down on metal used so they can build cheaper and lighter and most of them are aluminum and they vibrate apart with frame mounts and possibly rack to
  13. wbuttry

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    trek 2.0 would make a good friction drive canidate maybe
  14. skweezit

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    What about the skyliner wheels & tires

    As some of you know, I bought a schwinn skyliner. The engine i plan to put on it is the 4-stroke IF EZMotorbike. I am wondering about the tires and especially the wheels that came with it. One member of this forum recommended replacing the OEM stuff with Husky wheels. BUT...this is a 21 speed with a 7 sprocket and Husky doesnt have anything like that.
    So What do you guys think. I want to use the 11 or 12 gauge spoke 26X2.125 wheels but it seems I'm stuck, with a changeout. Help me out, if you know something. Thanks:idea:
  15. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    Freewheel hub and 36 12g spokes, $40 rear wheel

    STA-TRU REAR FREE WHEEL HEAVY DUTY 26 X 2.125" all chrome steel,thick 105g spokes,12 gauge spokes,heavy duty axle and hub threaded like a mountain bike for a free wheel, hub thicker metal,over1 1/2 inch wide rim,axle is 6 5/8 inches long 170mm,similar to TANDEM wheels.


    regular wheel has 80 gauge spokes. 24" HD wheels also available.Please see tool page for free wheel removal tool.

    Scroll down to find it.
  16. skweezit

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    You Are one of the (insert imaginative accolade here).:bowdown:
  17. happycheapskate

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    Bike guru will work.
  18. samuari86

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    you can do just as i did take a womens bike and just make it work for you,if are good at welding,just look at all my post. :punk::punk:and yes it was a womens bike lol

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  19. happycheapskate

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    re: ladys bike. Wow, that is one of the best styles I've seen here! Is that an air-bag suspension? ! I like the "suicide shifters" under the seat. :cool2:

    What type of springs did you use on the fork? I've never seen anyone do that before. (put springs outside the stanchions on a fork that came with rubber bumpers or internal springs.)
  20. samuari86

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    yep its a air-bag the forks came off a old bike of mine,and it was just made that way,it did have a rubber bumpers and i just cut them off and there was the springs and..........i like the look . now the bike was my grandmothers bike and she just gave it to me after four years of asking and asking for it,now back to the air-bag i still have to fine a place for the air tank