Any Cool helmets



So my worry-wort mother wants me to wear a helmet for neighborhood crusing. Do you guys know of any cool motorcycle helemts that won't look HUGE on my teenage head (although it's quite large :D )

I want one that looks good, protects my melon and circulates air well.

Any ideas? P.S. she said she'd pay for matter the cost! Im broke from buying the engine :(
Most motorcycle head/brain injuries happen at < 35mph. Gary Busey gives lectures on head injury recovery. Very sad that he knock himself stupid while leaving a Harley dealership.

Your mom is being a good her for it.

For an open face helmet I might consider a skater's helmet or a for real DOT approved open face M/C helmet.
My next bicycle helmet will be a full coverage BMX style because they are light, cool and offer good sun protection with their large bill.

Good luck! :cool:
at the minimum, for the "cool" look, get a DOT "shorty" helmet. you can find 'em online (or use the ebay search box) for around $30-$40 total, and they come in a decent range of sizes.

like an old dude told a young me..."a helmet doesn't look stoopid when you're on the bike" 8)
you could always try this one------->