Any Credible Ebay Dealers Out There For These Kits?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by 577-Jersey, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. 577-Jersey

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    Hi guys,,
    I recently saw these kits on youtube and fell in love with the idea.I would like to build my first MB this Summer,,I am a tinkerer by trade so once I get the itch i have to do it!

    I see alot of these kits on Ebay for a pretty good price,,i am very handy with motors and very experienced riding motorcycles also.I read there is a list of things to do if you purchase one of these(china kits) like upgrade bolts, thread lock,rubber bush mts.,mill the head mating surface,grease clutch ball pivot,ect....I am planning on buying either a used bike or one from walmart.Will any V frame 26-29" mens bike with round tube work OK for my first build,,and are there any credible ebay sellers for the 49 and 66cc.kits?
    Need some suggestions is all:cool2:

    Thanks in advance!!
    Tom :)

  2. wheelbender6

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    I have had good luck with luckyearlybird but others had a bad experience with them. If you buy from an ebay seller, and parts are damaged in shipping, it's pretty tough to get them replaced.
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  4. 577-Jersey

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    I thank both of you guys so much,,
    I may order one tomorrow,,Im like a 42 year old kid again,,cant wait to be smellin that 2 stroke on my MB this Summer!
    Take care!!
    Tom :)
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    OP if I were you I'd read up on the upgrades needed to make one of those kits reliable and safe. Plenty of info on this forum. The saying you get what you pay for holds true for those kits. A lot of folks love them and some have taken a shotgun to them to put them out of their misery. Good luck!
  6. 577-Jersey

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    I hear that,,
    I plan on milling the head,greasing the clutch pivot,using locktite on mounting hardware,and possibly upgrading the head bolt studs and nuts for now.I may upgrade chain hardware also,,I want to see how good I can get the chinese junk to work first:)