Any Dyno Mooneyes owners out there?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by bikejock, Mar 2, 2015.

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    I recently remembered a bike they used to sell to local bike shops back in the late 90's called the Dyno Mooneyes. Anyone on this forum ever owned one? It came it a two toned paint job of gloss yellow and gloss black with wheel disks as an option. I was too young and too broke to ever afford an original Dyno Mooneyes at the time. The hole bike with the wheel disks at the time was close to $600 or more new with the wheel disk option. Now an all original Mooneyes with wheel disks sometimes sells for $700 to $800. I think it was sponsored by the Mooneyes hot rod car accessories company. I have a GT Dyno Deuce which is basically the same frame design but with the D stamped in the side of the front of the frame. Here' a few picks for those who aren't familiar with the bike:

    mooneyes_01.jpg Dyno_GT_Mooneyes_08.jpg Dyno Mooneyes wheel.jpg

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    Now that's nice!
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    I saw one posted on eBay that shipped for $800 but (suprise suprise) it was already sold :( I wish they at least made the wheel disks from that bike now we pretty much have to find one sold from someone who was luckey enough to afford the wheel disks. It was a $300 option and the base price of the bike was $400.