Any feedback on these two Duropower engines

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by s_beaudry, May 21, 2009.

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    They're not bad for the price I guess, though I really think one is better off buying quality the first time around.

    The Huash 4 stroke clones I've seen used for MBs but pan mounted in the frame. The 49cc 4 is heavy, it will weigh around 15 lbs. wet and IMO that's too much for a rack mount.

    I don't care for the 2 stroke clones. We tried a couple awhile back and in my opinion they were chintzy. That 50cc 2 stroke is LOUD.

    BTW, those engines have been out of stock on that site for a long time, like months.
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    Update on feedback about Duropwer...

    The website looks very professional and the prices seem to be very low on almost everything they sell. I decided to call there and make sure the engine was in stock and ask how they ship the items. I will have to say that I got a very very bad feeling talking to them on the phone on two different occasions. It did not seem to be a "company" that I was calling, rather someones house phone maybe.

    All of the questions I asked the first man who answered could not answer any of them... ranging from shipping costs to being in stock or not. That kind of scared me away and I told him I would call back a little later.

    Second call in to them later the same day... Sounded like the same guy answered but this time he used a different name. I asked whether or not the engine was in stock and after being on hold a good 7 or 8 minutes, he came back and said he thinks so but he is not sure, but send the money anyways and he may be able to ship it out sometime soon.

    Kind of scary talking to "this company???" on the phone... I myself would NOT ever buy from them after talking to them. Just wanted to share my experience with all here.

    Does anyone have a different view of this company maybe??
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    I got my DAX 50cc shipped to me last Thursday and I am VERY happy with it as a friction drive setup on my cruiser bike!

    Very quiet and very good power!