Any Fishermen on this Forum??

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  1. Any Fishermen on this Forum??

    last Night I got a call from a good friend of mine ( Adam) .

    He can barley Speak as he tries to hold back his excitement.
    he kept yelling ..WE ARE IN FIRST PLACE.

    finally after he calms down a bit ..He say the Boys and him took a 720 lbs Blue Marlin and they are currently in first place at the South Jersey Tournaments Mid-Atlantic $500,000.

    Ready for this.

    If the Fish stand and stays in first place.

    they receive .......Over Half a million dollars ( $500.000.00 ) with all the Calcutta's and side bets included.:shock::shock:

    I have gone fishing a billion time With Adam and all i caught was a case of red Bottom.

    spanked Over and over again..

    Adam has become one heck of a captain In the past few years .
    Two years ago He took second place in Block Island Tri State and missed first place By 12 lbs With his Big eyed Tuna.
    It still paid him Over $50,000.

    You can follow the turnament here

    You can see some pictures Here

    The fish has been given to a food shelter.

    What A LUCKY SOB.

    good for him.





    RATRODER Guest

    Thats grate news,and I hope he wins, But this belongs here in The White Zone. louis
  3. I fish but I haven't caught a single one this year therefore I'm done,man.
    I'm so done!
  4. kerf

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    I was fishing this summer in lake Guntersville, went to anchor in deep water when a catfish sallowed my 16# fluke anchor. He pulled the boat 12 miles up stream with me using reverse as a drag before he got tired. When we got him back to the ramp, we had to wench him out on the boat trailer. I would post a picture but the camera was out of film.
  5. Happy Valley

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    Dang digital cameras are always out of film when you need'em.:evil:
  6. WOOW.

    A day you will never forget !!:grin:

    By the way
    Adam's fish ( 719 LBS) Did take first for Blue Marlin.

    After all the Side bets and what not ..Each Guy on the Trip took home ...Drum Roll please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    A little less then $100.000.00 a piece.

    But After Taxes ,,,I have No idea.

    LuckY SOB.

    I'm very happy for them all.

    You can see Pic's of Adam and the boys

    ( Heaviest Blue Marlin Impulse V ) Holding a Check for $192,622.50 you need to add in All the Calcutta's



    It's about time.

    You gotta see how I get all my gear on my bike.

    Bringing it home was a chore.

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  8. OW MY GOD.:shock::shock:

    Fisherman to say the least.

    What is that..?.What did you use To bring it in??

    Is that really your catch?



  9. Um.. YES!

    YES! It....IS!!

  10. kerf

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    Large, you're a fisherman after my own heart!
  11. was the fish pulling your boat??