Any help with motorizing a trike?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jnp2whls, Dec 23, 2008.

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    I've been using the sight for information lately and decided that I should introduce myself. I own a hand built TI 3-speed, Raleigh 10 speed, BikeE, and an EZ3. Due to a shoulder and head injury a long time ago in the military, coupled with age, I'm using the bents a lot more. I really want to go on a long slow trip this spring and part of summer. I've been researching ways to motorize the EZ3 and am currently building a camp pop up trailer to go on. The trailer seems a little straight forward with no problems, but motorizing the EZ3 has my head spinning. Any suggestions and ideas would be appreciated! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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    Welcome to MBc. There's a coule of guys here that I think have motorized their EZ3's.
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    Welcome to MBc,
    and have fun.
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    Thanks for the link. That's the one I saw when I started this whole idea about not killing myself trying my own solutions. the I closed the screen and never found it again using the search options as with my short memory I forgot what topic I used to search. I'm just now getting computer know how as my 28 yo son came to visit for a few months while he relocates and finds an apt. Happy Holidays!
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