Bike Security Any Idea Where To Locate A Lock like This?!?

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  1. I really want a fork lock and was wondering what kind of lock this is and where to get one, it's like a deadbolt that goes in those prongs that locks the fork. I love it! Any help as to where to get it?

    Here's the original forum, he says nothing of it

    Monroe Small Front.JPG

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  3. That might just work Darwin, I'll look into that! Any other ideas guys?
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    no more text needed
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  5. I understand that if anyone wants anything bad enough, they can get it somehow. But anything that will make it harder is nice to install. Shiz, if they wanna pick it up and carry it off, they obviously want it more than me. But i at least don't want them to just roll away with it. So I want a fork lock xP But I see what you're saying.
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    If he had a Leatherman with a file, it would have likely taken him 1/6th of the time it took him with the wire cutters.
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    You could drill a 1/4 in bolt hole through the steering neck and use a bolt that's lockable. Kinda sorta like a hitch pin lock.