Any ideas how to mount a sprocket on a WorkMan Shaft?

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    Hi All, I am new to this form. I have an 80 cc engine that I have on an old mountain bike and it works great. I recently purchased an old Workman Trike. I'd like to mount motor on the bike but mounting the sprocket on the shaft is proving more difficult and I am unsure of how to go about doing so. I've looked at for some ideas but I thought I'd throw it out there to the community, I'm sure someone out there has some good ideas! Much to my surprise, it seems there is a differential in the shaft, also, the bike is a 3 speed. I may have to weld a bracket on the unit for the motor. Pictures below. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
    workman2.jpg workman3.jpg

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    Thanks for that info! I will also try the sub forum!