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    I have a bevel gear that is being stubborn.Trying to take it off to install a Centrifugal Clutch I open the clutch cover and the screw was off just rattling in there.So I'm glad I found it now,but the gear won't come off strip two crank puller and I put them on by hand tightening like it's say in this forum.Is there any other kind of puller I can buy beside the one that's in most kits . Thanks
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    Hey Wan, Try using the stock puller but instead of trying to pull it straight off, Put a fair amount of tension on the puller then give the puller a few pops with a hammer. This should give it a jolt and pop it off. The worst that could happen is you lose another puller. A few good pops, screw it in a little, Then a few more pops, Then screw it in a little, ect. It SHOULD pop off.
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    I thank you for a quick response.I thought about the hammer .I really didn't want to f**k something up,plus I'm really good at messing stuff up with cheap parts.I will order another one.
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    blowtorch works ;) in conjunction with puller and hammer, mind you... :sweatdrop:
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    Yer 100% right Bro, But I don't have a torch so I assume a lot of people don't either. It's just another thing on a LONG list of things I need.
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    Thanks guys I got the last puller and the gear came off easy I was not tighting the puller enough but got it now.
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    I had faith in ya.
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