Any Imfo on this bike!!!

I am trying to locate any imfo on this bike..I was only able to find this after hours of searching...The picture is small and hard to see..I found this in a western auto catolog from 1969...Please help...It's the yellow bike on the left side of this page...


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The pix of the yellow bike, looks much like a copy of the Schwinn Ramshorn, that was built for a couple of years in the late 60's.
The bike is a rebadged AMF Flying Wedge. They were only made a handful of years from the late 60's to early 70's. The two below it are rebadged as well. The left is a Huffy Wheel. It was produced in about 68 to 69. To the right is a AMF Wheelie bike. It was produced for one year I believe, in 68. All are worth a small mint now but the Wheelie bike is the top dog in terms of value in that race. The Flying Wedge is rather rare as well especially in good shape. It had medallians in the frame that tend to get lost and thus existing models with them come at a premium price.
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