Any locking gas tanks caps that are compatible?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by kamikazi_kostka, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. with the black tank that comes with the tank.

    I am thinking about riding it to school, but don't want someone who doesn't like me to poor a coke in my tank.

    Any suggestions or moped gas caps that would work please let me know.

    For me it is worth $20-$30 to not worry.


  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    wow, sabotage, i never thought about that one.

    maybe that $30 could find you a used scooter tank that has a locking cap?
  3. i have the same concern on my bike im afraid one of the freshman will mess with it the best thing i can think of is turning the gas cap at an angle that i will remember so i can see if it was unscrewed
  4. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    I always thought that was for people stealing your gas... I never thought of people messing with your bike!
  5. anyone know what size cap we need to buy?

    There are a couple different sizes...some that are 3000...some that are 3800...which kind is compatible with these black tanks.

    For is worth that $20 to avoid a destroyed engine by a pissy underclassmen who thinks he's funny
  6. when you blow up the picture it looks like its 30mm i think thats what ours are but i would check though
  7. I think it's a lot more likely that someone would mess with your gas tank
    out of just plain old mean heartedness than to just steal your gas.

    After all, it's not really like there's a lot of gas to steal, you know?

    standard issue
  8. rcjunkie

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    I rode my bike to work one day and parked it in a special locked cage for employees who ride bikes to work. Guess what I found when my day was over? Some fellow biker (only bikers had the combination to the lock on the cage) didn't like me having a motor on my bike and cut my valve stems.

    So, someone tampering with the gas is not out of the ordinary. All it takes is some "die hard" cyclist who is pissed at the idea of a motored bike. If you live in Colorado, you know what I mean.
  9. yeah those lance armstrong wanabes are the worst when i ride my bike on the platt river trail i take it slow give people plenty of warning so i can go by i only go full throtle when no one is around but even then the lance armstrong guys will still cuss at me and call me crap i just laugh at um when they do that

    30mm looks like the right gas cap size
  10. Cookie

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    Gas cap

    Heck just go to ebay min chopper parts/ gas tanks get a 2.5 or 3 gal tank with a locking gas cap just make sure the tank has an indentation for you cross bar some of them don't. and you can get some hot looking tanks there that is where we got my hubbies tank from and it matches his bike.

  11. etheric

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    I've put on our kit a cap from a Puch, as well as from a Garelli TopTank. From previous experience Tomos and Garelli cap are interchangeable as well.

    I've order parts from Chris at Moped Warehouse (above link) and it went smoothly, but I certainly couldn't vouch for him or his business practices.
    I can however say with confidence that Dan at 1977 is a most excellent guy to order from. He's helped me out on several occasions and has an undeniable passion for mopeds. I like to refer people to him simply because I enjoy supporting smalltime business owners who love what they do. I would recommend calling him though.

    There are a few links I posted in this topic below: