Any love in MN?


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10:25 PM
Jun 2, 2008
Greetings all!

First time post. Just finished a 49cc china girl install on a Jaguar. Headlight, Tail Light, brake light, horn, mirror, the whole nine, as far as I can tell it's ready for the road. Very fun!

I've been getting the run around as to whether we even NEED to register these things. License center says one thing, DVS says "The laws are too old, and don't cover something like that", a local police officer told me "yeah, as long as you're not ripping through yards at 50mph and stay off the sidewalks, you should be fine"

Has anyone SUCCESSFULLY registered one of these babies, and may I ask HOW? and CAN I BRING MY BIKE TO THE PEOPLE YOU SAW PLEASE!! ;)

I want to stay as legit as possible so the "powers" don't rain on our parade.

Much appreciated!