Any MBc members police officers?

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  1. spunout

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    if you'll read here:
    you'll see how the vast majority of officers are both ignorant of MB laws, and purely hateful, to those riding them.

    i registered, but because i'm not a cop, wasn't allowed to post.

    I thought maybe if there were any members/officers, they may be able to shed some positive light on won't find any in that thread, as it sits.

  2. mouchyn

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    Police Departments around here (College Station) have administrative directives to seek out and ticket MB riders.

    unregistered "motor-assisted scooter" riders with an engine just a fast and loud as my MB are perfectly legal.
  3. spunout

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    so...does anyone know if we have any law enforcement members here?
  4. HoughMade

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    Not a LEO here, but that discussion is based in Indiana and they are not ignorant of the laws in Indiana. They are pretty accurate. While they appear to be prejudging an entire class of rider, I will refrain from being too harsh until I have walked a mile in their shoes. Indianapolis is a real, live big city and I am not a big fan of MBs and scooter in that context either- though if people are following the laws, they should not be targeted.
  5. Mountainman

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    doesn't look as if there are any pooolice here

    unless -- they are under the covers

    just kidding -- let's hope that they have much better things to be doing...

    reading some of the pooolice comments from that site
    are enough to make one sick
    I know that they are not all like that
    some are very good
    I can talk all that I want
    my father rode a coooper police bike and retired as ast chief of pooolice

    take that and ride that thing

    ride that thing
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  6. sjackson

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    Police see a lot of vehicle related deaths. They're probably reluctant to do risky things on the road (in a vehicle without police lights.)
  7. seanhan

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    I think the Police should us M/B's . In our downtown area they ride mountain bikes, Add a engine and you have greatly expanded there range and responce times. For very little cost compared to a car or motorcycle.
    And also I bet that would give them a better repour with the kids. they would think its cool and therefore the cops must be cool.
    Would be a effective public relation tool and conversion piece all in one.
  8. Sasquatch

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    Notice how none of them on the cop forum say anything like "lets go catch some rapists and murderers instead of harassing folks about their bicycles" ?

    -heck no, I'm not a cop.
  9. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    ride that MB thing

    yes - it was so sad hearing them discuss their


    ride that MB thing
  10. HoughMade

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    So they should go down to where the rapists and murderes hang out, ask if they have raped or murdered someone lately, then arrest anyone who answers "Yes".

    C'mon- that is such an absurd argument. Do you seriously think that police do not prioritize? Of course they do. However, they are charged with enforcing all the laws.

    Maybe you could make a list of the laws you don't want enforced so we can have the police ignore those laws.

    Don't like the law? Work on changing it- but leave the LEOs who are just doing their job alone. Like I said before, I read the discussion- which was Indiana based- and it was mostly accurate about Indiana law.

    To paraphrase Chris Rock- don't want problems with the police? Step 1: Follow the law.
  11. fetor56

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    The cops merely enforce the law & even then that's discretionary.I'm sure our little MB's are illegal in my state but no-one pays much attention as long as your not a f-wit screamimg around the streets.
    Still,i would like to hear here from a cops point of view.
  12. bxicefire

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    Well as for making that list of laws that i don't want enforced... how bout ticketing and harrasing bikers and impounding M/B, Mopeds .
  13. jacliny

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    Police Officers

    ok guys, you found one! im retired now, but i guess ill just have to go over to that forum and see whats up! spent to many years cleaning up body parts off the streets, but am still haveing a great time on my bike! Heck my whole family rides! Ill let you all know what i find out. Joe
  14. spunout

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    AWESOME. i'm very interested in what transpires. i'll check out the site now and again.

    the whole purpose i wanted to join and post, was to inform them of the many benefits of MB's...and they dont need to 'seek and destroy' every chance they get.
    thanks, jacliny :cool::cool::)
  15. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    all we want to do is

    thanks Joe -- you have our interest

    my father was a retired motor cycle cop -- asst cheif of pooolice

    I went to that site and checked it out a little
    don't understand why the pooolice there
    get so worked up over little MBs ???

    all we want to do is --- RIDE THAT MB THING
  16. jacliny

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    police forum

    ok here goes, hope no one gets offended, can see the flak now! LOL. I visited the site last nite, read for abit and did not post anything, I'll explain, a little of my backgound first so you might be able to see my point in this. I went on the force back in 1971, things were much different then, economics , drugs, etc, during the next 20 odd yrs ive handled everything from multiple murders, to the proverbial cat up in a tree!(never saw a dead cat in a tree, have you?)anyway, ive been shot at, beat up, stabbed etc etc., those moments were sheer terror, however mixed in with those moments were times of great joy, delivering babies, saving a drowning child, pulling someone from a burning home, shoveling an older persons walk of snow so they could walk out safely, changing a flat ,etc. I was a member of a three thousand man force approx 60 miles east of NYcity, with a population of about 2.5 million. we were busy to say the least! Life in the suburbs! The number one priority that was always stressed was PUBLIC RELATIONS! most of us worked in the sectors we lived in, so before long you got to be well known by everyone. Respect is something you earn not wear! There are two quotes that most people are familiar with from the bible, "what you sow is what you reap" and "treat others as you would like to be treated". following these quotes in life will gain the respect of others. When i was off duty i couldnt imagine spending time on the internet(there was'nt any back then lol) hashing over work related incidents, if you noticed the screen names and avatar's used by them you should get the hint of where there comming from!
    Nothing i could say would change their ideas of motorized bikes. Its up to all of us to treat them with respect (deserved or not)to try to win them over to our side and show them we are not the dirt bags they now think we are. Hopefully they will then use their discretion when enforcing the laws pertaining to these bikes. Not an easy task. I wish all young people would spend their time building all sorts of motorized contraptions, . sure it was dangerous to ride around on a minibike with no throttle or brakes, but who cared, we were riding! It's hard to be building and riding something and at the same time Knocking off a 7-11! They need to get thier Priorties straight! and we need to help them by example. Talk is cheap! Well ive taken up much to much of everyone time so keep the shiny side up and have fun! Joe
  17. eleseur96020

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    I agree with most of what jacliny said, and to me I just avoid confrontation. They are there to help and (most of the time) are friendly and nice. I am thankful that we have these services in this country. With that said, most of the cops i run in to in my area are generally nice (with the few exceptions), they are understanding and want to help you out. But there are always going to be the ones that are bitter and out for power. You cannot generalize all LEF's as being hateful towards MB's and MBers because that is simply not true. What you can do is be respectful when confronting an officer and don't let the "bad" ones get you down. Just like EVERYTHING else in life, you will always get a few bad apples. So be understanding of their situation and be respectful and there is no reason why you will not receive the same treatment.
  18. jacliny

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    im in 100% agreement with your post!!!!
  19. SimpleSimon

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    I've seen both sides of the law enforcement spectrum, up close and personal. I trained about 1,700 officers over a 12 year period in interrogation and interview technique, from a great many different police forces - almost all of whom were good people trying to improve their skills in order to do their jobs better in compliance with the law. I've also been arrested and treated extremely roughly (many, many years ago in South Africa), and a couple of times since - once in Grapevine, Texas (where I was treated extremely fairly and courteously).

    Cops are just people. People doing a basically thankless but utterly necessary job, and for the most part doing it pretty well. Sure, there are power-hungry petty tyrants in their midst - show me any career where such are not found. The key to dealing successfully with police officers doing their job is courtesy - no matter how big a hurry you are in, or how wronged you may feel by the officer(s) involved, be courteous. It will almost always be returned.
  20. HoughMade

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    I have never had a problem with a police officer any time I have encountered one. To put in bluntly, helps if you don't act like an matter what. If you feel like fight'in the man over a motorized bike, I hope it provides the satisfaction you seek when you have a shiny black shoe on your neck.