Any MBc members police officers?


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Apr 24, 2007
Coventry, RI
if you'll read here:
you'll see how the vast majority of officers are both ignorant of MB laws, and purely hateful, to those riding them.

i registered, but because i'm not a cop, wasn't allowed to post.

I thought maybe if there were any members/officers, they may be able to shed some positive light on won't find any in that thread, as it sits.
Police Departments around here (College Station) have administrative directives to seek out and ticket MB riders.

unregistered "motor-assisted scooter" riders with an engine just a fast and loud as my MB are perfectly legal.
Not a LEO here, but that discussion is based in Indiana and they are not ignorant of the laws in Indiana. They are pretty accurate. While they appear to be prejudging an entire class of rider, I will refrain from being too harsh until I have walked a mile in their shoes. Indianapolis is a real, live big city and I am not a big fan of MBs and scooter in that context either- though if people are following the laws, they should not be targeted.
doesn't look as if there are any pooolice here

unless -- they are under the covers

just kidding -- let's hope that they have much better things to be doing...

reading some of the pooolice comments from that site
are enough to make one sick
I know that they are not all like that
some are very good
I can talk all that I want
my father rode a coooper police bike and retired as ast chief of pooolice

take that and ride that thing

ride that thing
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Police see a lot of vehicle related deaths. They're probably reluctant to do risky things on the road (in a vehicle without police lights.)
I think the Police should us M/B's . In our downtown area they ride mountain bikes, Add a engine and you have greatly expanded there range and responce times. For very little cost compared to a car or motorcycle.
And also I bet that would give them a better repour with the kids. they would think its cool and therefore the cops must be cool.
Would be a effective public relation tool and conversion piece all in one.
Notice how none of them on the cop forum say anything like "lets go catch some rapists and murderers instead of harassing folks about their bicycles" ?

-heck no, I'm not a cop.
So they should go down to where the rapists and murderes hang out, ask if they have raped or murdered someone lately, then arrest anyone who answers "Yes".

C'mon- that is such an absurd argument. Do you seriously think that police do not prioritize? Of course they do. However, they are charged with enforcing all the laws.

Maybe you could make a list of the laws you don't want enforced so we can have the police ignore those laws.

Don't like the law? Work on changing it- but leave the LEOs who are just doing their job alone. Like I said before, I read the discussion- which was Indiana based- and it was mostly accurate about Indiana law.

To paraphrase Chris Rock- don't want problems with the police? Step 1: Follow the law.