Any Moped dealers in the USA?

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    Dear Fellow Members,
    Does anyone know of a new moped dealer in the USA? I have done some researching and Puch pulled out of the US, as did Tomos. In Austin, there's just one Moped store and they sell only used rebuilt bikes with , IMHO, a high price tag.
    That being said, if anyone knows where I can find a new or low mileage vintage or vintage style 50 cc moped, I would be VERY much obliged. As much as I like my Grubbee 50cc motorized bike, I'd like to move up to something with (gasp!), front and rear shocks with drum and/or disc brakes. Thank you for any and all detailed feedback!:)-Gearhead222

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    1977mopeds out of Kalamazoo usually has a few bikes in stock, and they're taking pre-orders for a new production moped called an Indigan Trail. it's similar to a puch magnum but unfortunately comes with a peugeot 103 motor which I'm not a fan of. they've got a super lame ignition system that doesn't do it's job all that well.
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    Thanx! A buddy of mine has a stock 1977 or 78 Peugeot with variator drive. What don't you like about it, other than the ignition? Again, any detailed feedback on new mopeds is greatly appreciated!:)Gearhead222
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    just the ignition. there's a good ignition and a bad ignition for it, I don't remember which is which because I don't mess with the bastards. I think it's the 5 coil that's worth a damn
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    Valley Scooters imports this one with a Honda clone engine. It would be fun to get one of these and swap in a 140cc Lifan.
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    Sad but true, all but one new moped sold in the U.S. of A. Comes from China.
    I like the vintage ones as well. Only one moped dealer here in SoCal.
    things aren't as easy to find or replace unless you know where to look. The Peugeot 103 is a good choice,and a good up-grade with the ignition is really all that's needed.

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    According to what I read on the Moped Army forum, Tomos may be back in the not to distant future. I saw a Youtube video that installs an 80cc kit on that Chinese moped before they even ship it. But it is still a 4 stroke and Chinese. I have owned 3 Tomos mopeds, and they are way better than anything I have seen from China.