Any Motorized Bike Dealers in Delaware?

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    Hi everyone, i'm new and not yet a owner of a motorized bike. I live in southern del and was hoping someone on this forum can tell the closest dealer of motorized bicycles to me to help educate me and possibly sell me a bike. Thanks for any help out there!

  2. gduck

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    New from S. Delaware

    I am not yet a owner of a motorized bicycle but am very intrested but dont even know where to start? I've seen some around and would really appreciate if anyone out there knows of any shops in my area that carry motorized bicycles. Everyone around here has a scoter but I would really like to check out a motorized bicycle which I think has tons more character.
    I had a stretch dyno cruiser for 16 years that I rode to work year round and was considering looking into motorizing it but some bum stole it last spring? Been tooling around on my old mountain bike since but just not the same?
    Anyway anyone that can set me in the right direction would be great to save me some running around and much appreciated!

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