Any Motors In Arizona?


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May 8, 2008
Anyone from Arizona know of any bicycle shops that sell kits? Or of any companies distrubutes to places down here...
Ive heard of a couple of them carrying some, but i havent been able to track them down. Can anyone help?

spookytooth is in bisbee
livefast is in chandler
both sell engines and bikes as well (pretty sure livefast sells bikes, but sppoky for sure)

So is Livefast an actual store? or is it just where the distributing company is located that u can order from?
Any recomendations on what he has i should take a look at.
Im new to the motorized bike thing, so some guidance would be much appreciated.

I wanna get one with some good speed, any suggestions?
Well, that depends on what you want to do.

If you have a bit more budget, and don't want to be constantly playing with the motor or clutch, get a gebe or staton rack mount kit with a Robins/Suburu, Honda, or Mitsubishi engine. These motors are workhorses, with great quality (both motors AND kits,) and just keep on rolling along with little 'tinkering' required.

If your budget is lower, or you REALLY like the frame mount look, go with one of the Grubee/Happy Time two strokes (or even one of the 4-strokes) kits. Just be prepared to spend a lot more time tinkering with them to keep them running.

Ref the crash course...

Keep in mind that, in AZ, if you get caught going over 20, they can really throw the book at you. (Or, even if the cop even says you're going over 20!) One of our members, Torques, is looking at jail time. You see, the AZ law was written so that IF you're going over 20, the motorized bike somehow transforms into a moped - which needs license, registration, and insurance... and which CAN'T ride in the bicycle lane.
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And, apparently there is no requirement of proof that you were exceeding 20 for the magical transformation of your bike to occur.
So some of these motors ive seen, like on fast live or dax just say 50cc, 60cc, 70cc etc...

Dont these motors have a brand who manufactures them or are they just generic garbage?

I dont see any honda motor kits made etc.