Any new NE-5's available?

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    As stated, does anyone know of any new NE-5's available? I live in Jacksonville, Fl. (northeast Fl) and am looking for a 24 inch bike in either yellow or green. I am willing to travel 3-4 hundred miles to pick it up. After reading about some of the issues with the Ambassador and the possibility of the same issues with the new NE-R, I may just go ahead with the NE-5. Any opinions or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, George Oller.

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  3. 1983JZR3W

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    Hi Quenton, thanks for the help. I will contact all of the nearby dealers and see if they have anything. Are you an authorized dealer? I was hoping that I could buy a bike through you and have you do some mods to it before I pick it up. George Oller
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    Hi George,
    Sorry I sold out of new Whizzers about 6 months ago, as did many. Good luck in locating one. Whizzers can not be sold modified because it voids the warranty. If you find the bike you want you should leave it stock to cover any problems you might encounter, or give up the warrany service [not a good idea on a new Whizzer].

    Have fun,
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    new Whizzer

    I saw one last weekend at a dealer in upstate New York. It was a 2005 NE with 95 miles on it. He said it was a demonstrator. Red & looked like new. I could give you his # & maybe he'd ship it to you. I think you could get it cheap. Send me a private message if interested & I'll give you more info.
    Also check on Ebay.
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    Thanks JB, I will check into that. It is a lot further than I want to go to pick up a bike. I really want to see what I am buying as I have seen some Whizzers in the last couple of years that were really in bad shape to be considered new. Thanks to all who have made suggestions. I am planning to contact all dealers in the southeast. The ones I have called so far are out of inventory. Does anyone think I would be making a bad decision to just wait and get one of the first NE-R's? Thanks for all the help, this is a great forum.:grin:
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    Don't give up the search, [I hope I am allowed to say this]

    Have fun,
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    Here's a pic of the N.Y. one

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    I have a NEW 26" black NE5 all set up and adjusted. It has 16 miles on it. Check out the pics of it i n the classified section in this forum. Thanks
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    I have a 24" black 2005 ne 5 I am thinking of selling for $1100 obo, let me know if you are interested, i have upgraded to the mushroom lifters and advanced the timing, changed the jet, added it has just a little over 1000 miles on it now, with the fender winglets and round rear view mirror. I am in Marietta ga, I really want a 26" since I am 6'5"
  11. Black NE

    Hey French, if you want a 26, just change wheels, tires and fenders, If you like I can go in to detail.

    Both 24 aand 26 are the same, excepting those items. You COULD have your hubs relaced with nice SS spokes, and get the fenders from a local dealer to stay pretty much "All Whizzer"

  12. jbcruisin

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    24" versus 26"

    That's a really good idea Mike. I was checking out KilroyCD's 24" bike at the Rally last month & it wouldn't take much to go from 24 to 26 inch. It's really the way to go if he likes his bike & doesn't really want to part with it. It probably wouldn't cost that much & if his runs good & he gets a different bike he'd have to start all over getting the bugs out of it.
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    I have the coaster brake on the rear, could I get rid of that and get the drum as well? I have the manual clutch also, and wouldn't mind a switch to the auto. Where would I go about getting the wheels and such? I plan on milling the head this weekend. I still don't have enough power to get up a small hill and want to get this thing to it's full potential. The 26" I test drove had no problem pulling me along, that is why I was pondering the switch, I do like the black though. And since I will be taking the head off, I will need a new gasket, is the copper the way to go? and does anyone still have any 26mm carbs available?
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  14. Sizing up your Whizzer

    Hello, the answer is YES!
    I can, as can others, sell you an Auto-clutch, 26" drum rear, and you can relace the front if you like or buy new.

    I will give you trade-in value on your manual parts if you want to buy parts from me.

    Copper is thre ONLY way to go, and you do not need the 26mm carb, you do not have enuf engine to pull it. If you mill the head, and do the gasket, tune your stock carb, and that will give you best results.

    Big stock baffle, head torqued correctly, and, if you are hilly, try the 70mm auto-clutch for a little lower ratio.

    We CAN help you!

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    If you don't mind staying under 40mph, the 70mm auto clutch is the way to go. That's what I am using. I am a large person in hilly country. Also go with a copper head gasket. It does two things for you. First you can reuse it. The steel one you can not reuse. Secondly it will help keep the engine temp cooler.

  16. jk-1

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    Hello , I know that Bill Green has 3 new NE-5's 2 black and one red, I believe he has 2 - 24's and 1 - 26 inch. Send him a PM if you are interested.

    Take Care - Jim
  17. sk8erpunk

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    I thought there was one on Craigslist in GA. Try doing a google for "Whizzer Craigslist" and see if it comes up.
  18. n8ygn

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    There is a ne5 at the general store in Harpers Ferry National park. it is 2008 model black and runs good because the guy that sells them rode it when I bought the ambassador. If interested Let me know I will give him a call.

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    This is the ad I was referring to. It was in Atlanta. Who knows if they still have it in stock.

    There is another in GA on CL that is a 2005 and selling (used) for 1900 !!!! Like that resell value!!!
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    Hi George I have A new 2008 Black NE5 24 inch . I can set it up any way you want. Because of rules you can pm me for price. Bill Green Vancouver Washington