Any One Do this?

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  1. Anyone on here build a custom rickshaw for their 100 pound puppy dog?

    I hope to get this done this summer sometime

    its such a shame we take her everywhere with us but she dont get to ride with us when we take the bikes out

    I got another jaguar bicycle for one of my birthdays 2010 I have saved it just for this project not had the time ( nursing school is demanding )
    its just like my rider motorized bike cept have not put the motor on yet
    its almost brand new was a christmas present for a kid who never rode it
    so got it cheap mom wanted it out of the way it was kept in the house

    so if anyone has built custom rickshaws please post photos

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    Harbor Freight sells an aluminum trailer-hitch cargo carrier that would make a dandy trailer, big enough for a large dog. (It periodically goes on sale (with coupon) for $69.) (There's a coupon out there right now, as a matter of fact - check the back of recent popular mechanics and readers digest magazines.)

    Just add an axle, and a couple of 16 or 10 inch bike wheels 3 -5 inches 'aft' of the square receiver tube (which you'd want to shorten or not use,) and an axle side-mount hitch (ref the sketch below)

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  3. thanks

    thats a great idea and suggestion!
    I have been looking at images on google of some.
    I want it to be unique, creative and different but safe for her to ride in at the same time.

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  4. rickshaw

    none of the images I posted are exactly what I want to do. I just think they are kinda cute there were so many had a hard time which ones to post.

    I think when the time comes best to get out the ole sketch book and do thumb nails and work it up that way.

    that wont be the problem.. hee hee the problem will be if the idea can be be executed or not lol