any one else own this engion

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  1. its a gruebee 66cc with the cent clutch and pull start if so what did you have to do to make the clutch work?

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    Wish I could help. I only know the basic concept of how a centrifugal clutch works, have yet to work on one. But, I'm sure anyone who might be able to help you would want to know the specifics, such as - did you install this yourself, or was it prebuilt on the motor? Can you give more specific symptoms than "it doesn't work"?
  3. no add on pull start broke off today do not buy this engine pull start failed without pull starting it then cent clutch never worked i bought it off gas bike received no help through email or phone calls they basically told me to **** off i did replace spring also soo not worth the extra 80 bucks and save more money and buy cheap engine off eBay and get the same non existent service
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    Well the thing about is that they will do returns if you see something wrong with it before it gets installed, which means you have to thoroughly inspect the entire thing before you hook it up. There's a few like that. Wish I had better news for you, sounds like you're either going to have to get some major replacement parts, or you're going to have to do a full tear down and rebuild on the parts in question.
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    all of the pull starts will fail because they are very cheaply made. my friend had one and it lasted for about 25 starts, and then it broke internally.

    I'm not into centrifugal clutches because in my opinion they can rob power because they like to slip.
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    pull start / centrifugal clutch

    I have both owned and seen many pull start failures (including the heavy duty p-start).

    The materials are of pull starters are low quality. However my favorite two MB's have both pull start and c-clutch.

    However I had my share of problems. On the standard pull start, I replaced the plastic pawl with a DIY steel pawl. I reinforced the center post.

    Since that time they have been very dependable. One of the c-clutches was missing the three spot welds. Since I welded it I have not had any problem with it.

    I also removed some metal from the clutch weights, so that it would cut in and drop out at a higher rpm. All my future builsd will have both c-clutch and pull start.