Any one in NY state? Question for you.

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  1. dnute2006

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    Hello. I don't know what it is about the law and motor assist bikes there. Do you have to register them? I was told I would have to have a headlight on my bicycle and register it. (How in the world do you register a bicycle?) I want to cycle around with my husband in Western NY and I'm now wondering if I'm going to get stopped and get a ticket and not be able to ride with him. No. He doesn't need a motor on his bike. Just me.

    Also, does anyone know the rules for Colorado?

    If anyone can help answer my questions I'd really appreciate it.

  2. machiasmort

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    Two things I know for sure about NY. DMV won't let you register a bicycle and anything over 49cc's must be registered! hahaha! They are really lackluster here! good luck and if you find anything further please let me know!

  3. dnute2006

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    I spoke to the dmv on the phone and they kept telling me it was a motorcyle and I kept saying it was a bicycle with a motor. The person didn't seem to know what I was talking about. Than he said that I would need a headlight and etc and it had to be registered. I'm getting the 35cc from Golden Eagle when they start taking orders again.

    I see your name is "machiasmort". Are you in machias? I'm from Machias/Franklinville.
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    Used to be from Machias till the Sun forced me out from under my rock. I moved up here to Buffalo now. Don't like to tell anybody what to do, but, what I'm doing is putting a ht frame mount on my MB. This setup allows you to pedal without the motor engaged.

    I want to learn more about state law but it's a big secret up here!
    All I know is I can't see how they could take it from you if your pedaling?
  5. dnute2006

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    ht frame. I'll have to read about that. I'm putting the motor on my Rans Stratus. Being a recumbent I'll have to do extra reading because I see most people have their motors on the upright frames. You just can't beat a recumbent for comfort. I had to give up the upright because my hands and arms would go numb after riding for 15 minutes.

    I agree with the pedaling. You're pedaling so it's a push bike - NOT a motorcycle/moped even with the motor on it.
  6. machiasmort

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    Exactly, it's pedal assist. Where did you get push bike from? Is that a legal term?

    People have put ht motors on recumbants, might find one in the picture section.

    Where did you get your recumbant at? Any cheapiano's K-mart ect. that your aware of in the area?

    I've got a bad neck and back myself! I know the feeling.
  7. dnute2006

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    Push bike is actually a term they use in Scotland. I married a Scotsman and lived in Scotland for three years. Sorry. I forgot they don't use that term over here. It just means a regular bike.

    I LOVE my recumbents. I started with an EZ-1 but now have the Rans Stratus. Unbeatable comfort. I found a couple of recumbents on the picture gallery and I am hoping to keep the fender on.

    No recumbents at K-Mart or Wal-Mart. We went to a bike shop and found a used EZ. Gave it a try and loved it. It has 20/16 inch wheels and I wanted the 26/20 combo wheels instead. The larger wheels makes a much nicer ride. I ordered mine through Hostel Shoppe online.
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    You are right! Who told you they must be registered??? Please do some time digging or making calls and taking names. One of us will hit the right combination! Just got to rattle cages!

    helmet and insurance are optional in NY!!! Here's what I found and I'm going to try and register my HT!

    read the section on moped operation! no title either! I'll try and register it as a homade moped class C !
  9. dnute2006

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    Thanks for the link. I'll keep digging and please let me know how you do at the DMV with your Class C.

    I actually called the DMV on the phone because I didn't understand the way it was written. The guy I talked to is the one that kept calling it a motorcycle. I could hear him clicking the keys on his computer so he was reading the same things I was so I just hung up.

    Good luck!!
  10. Honda50

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    Today I stopped by one of our small town bike shops here in southern NY (just north of NYC). On the floor, they displayed several frame mounted 2strokers of small displacement.

    Now, I was under the impression these bikes were not allowed on the street, period. The salesman, not the shop owner said they are legal in NYS.

    I didn't tell him I had a Staton Rack with a Honda motor parked at home. I just played dumb to get information. He said repeatedly that they were OK to operate on the street without registration, etc.

    What does he know that I don't?
  11. dnute2006

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    More than likely just trying his best to make a sale? I still can't find anything except that they are definitely illegal in NY state. I've just gotten myself a BionX today because I'm unlucky enough to get stopped and (if it's gas) I'll have a cop that will not be interested in anything I say and not be able to ride anymore. So it's electric for me. My husband didn't want me getting into trouble.
  12. Honda50

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    This is what I'm thinking of doing. I'll print out the law as posted on the NYS website. I'll see if I can get hold the owner of the shop next time, show him the paperwork and see what his reaction and reply turns out to be.

    Or perhaps he'd be willing to share what he's smoking.
  13. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    Would appreciate further info, see other posts!!!

    Con grads on your upgrade!! please send pics along w/ your advice, I'm seriously interested in your input on the new bike!!!
  14. loquin

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    When talking to the folks there, emphasize that it is a bicycle with a motor assist, NOT a motored cycle/motorcycle/moped/scooter with a pedal assist.

    If it's treated as a motorcycle, you'll also have to get DOT approved tires, which are a requirement when operating at 'highway speeds.' Of course, no one makes bicycle tires which are DOT approved.