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    CULPRITE New Member

    a place that actully has a 49cc motor in stock.

  2. kerf

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    What kind of 49cc engine are you looking for (rack mount, HT)?
  3. motorpsycho

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    i have not seen any happy times style 49 c.c. 2 strokes in a long time. I bought mine last august and you could buy them all over them place at that time.
    Seems like all there is now are the 80 c.c.'s(or 66 c.c. to be technical about it).
    I love my 49 c.c. 2 kicks the daylights out of my friends 80 c.c. 2's faster, it revs faster, runs smoother, and has just as much power as his 80 c.c.
    of corse he is running the stock exhaust, but i'm running an expansion chamber.