Any problems with the Police in the UK?

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    Has any other bikers from the UK had much hassle from the police? I'm running a 70cc Happy Time and so far if I see the police i just turn it off and try to cover the fuel tank. Would though do much if i got caught. I am only 16 but I dont ride like an idiot, but of course they dont care how i'm riding just the fact im a teen is enough to get it confiscated! I really want to be able to ride it more instead of just under the radar on a tuesday night while theres no police. So what are your experiences?

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    i think your breaking new ground for the UK. kudos to you!! :cool:

    i've seen very few electric bikes let alone petrol bikes. were a helmet and get lights -then they have less reason to stop you. i've heard the police are getting *****y about no lights and no helmet and even no bell?!!!?
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    Woo! ye ive got the lights, its a legal requirement for lights at now though, and the government are trying to make helmets compulsory too, got a new mini moto racing exhaust coming soon, so I think a helmet is going to be a good idea! so what sort of bike you riding?
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    hmmm... have I had any problems with the police regarding MBs or Cyclemotors (delete as applicable) - None at all, most of them dont even notice the machine even though it makes a noise similar to a wasps nest being cut in half by a chainsaw...

    Generally I do have problems with them being porridge brained bigots who all vote BNP - but thats just me being picky lol.

    If you dont do anything very stupid like riding on the pavements and such they wont bother you since they are allergic to paperwork and research and charging someone with something involving a vehicle they havent seen before would be too much trouble..

    Jemma xx
  5. Out here in the states,you need a drivers license to ride a motoredbike.
    What's the legal age to drive out there?
    Just saying,if you carry a driver's license that would be a big plus.
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    You have to be 16 to qualify for a CBT (compulsory basic training) provisional license. That means you can legally ride a moped (50cc) restricted to 30mph. However many people have these bikes de restricted with 80cc bore kits that are capable of 75mph! When you are 17 you can apply for a Provisional Motorcycle license which allows you to have a motorbike restricted to 33bhp, most commonly people stick to a 125cc motorbike. But at the end of the day the law clearly states that any motorized vehicle that is going to be on the road must meet strict requirements and be taxed and insured. But the price of gettin a motorized bike legally on the road is ridiculous, by the time you have covered the costs for everything you might as well buy a moped. So the best bet is to ride under the radar and be quick with the kill switch! Also dont be stupid on the thing because that will just give us riders a bad name, same thing happened to pocket bike / mini motos. Dont let that scare you though! Keep riding
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    the law here is u need lights when dark . and helmet at all times. and a bell. we have cops that ride mountain bikes on patrol . a pushbike squad
  8. BSA

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    I haven't had any trouble off the police, but I ride mainly on a cycle path. At the end of the day just make sure you kill the engine. If the engine isn't on, how do they know that it is an engine at all, sure you would make a good guess that it was an engine but they can't prove it legally!!! Furthermore as I am only 15 I could probably get away with saying I didn't know it was illegal and they would probably make me walk it back home.

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    I am 14 and have been looking into getting a motor for a my bike and really want to know what i am legally aloud to do e.g. speeds etc.? thanks
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    The short answer is you arent strictly allowed to do anything.

    To be *entirely* legal you need to have a machine that passes the SVA, have a UK driving licence and insurance for the bike.

    However provided you are *extremely* careful to respect the rules of the road, you DONT EVER ride on the pavements, nor allow someone else to do so, and keep to safe speeds the police should not bother you.

    I have to say that I would prefer that you wait because if something does happen then the police and the 'think of the children' squad will try and stamp on us for no better reason than they can. Right now we are either not noticed or generally ignored. A couple of accidents and this could soon change.

    that is the position as it stands at the moment..

    Jemma xx
  11. bin85

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    So what would happen if i where to be caught?
  12. bin85

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    what happens if i do get caught?
  13. JemmaUK

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    It depends on the officer and the situation...

    If you had been in an accident you might be in a nasty situation

    At worst you could be charged with using a powered vehicle without a licence - effectively driving without a licence - but you would have had to do something fairly impressive to get that sort of trouble.

    If you do get any police interest just be polite and use the 'I didnt know that' approach.

    Always keep the machine maintained and wear the safety gear

    There is also the fact that if you are riding at reasonable speeds you can say that you could pedal the same speed as you are running.

    There is always the kill switch - and frantic pedalling lol

    Jemma xx
  14. BSA

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    I've been riding for a while here and I haven't had any trouble off the old bill. I should hope that they have bigger fish to fry like catching murderers than going after people with a 50cc engine on there bike.

  15. muture

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    Buy this one (has a centrifugal clutch and reduction gear).

    put it on the rear rack over the rear wheel (make a fiberglass cap over it. Will look as your luggage or something else)) , keep original bicycle Shimano gear, so that within a kill switch in a moment be able to continue riding just pedaling.

    On the front install electric motorized wheel 250 watts and suitable battery ,and you are completely legal with such equipped machine.
    Nobody will be able to prove you are outside the legislation about your 4-stroke petrol engine behind you.

    If you wish to be really and completely in the frame of the current legislation, then instead 36 cc engine put one
    25cc and you do not need even hide one (French Velosex motovelo is an example) , but unlikely anybody will take a measurements of the cylinder volume to define it is 25 cc or 36cc )))

    Good luck!
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