Any problems with the Police in the UK?

Why are people so resistant to wearing helmets?
Usually because they are just young and dumb...or worse yet, just plain

Besides that, it would be considerate and common courtesy to at least wear a "brain bucket" so when the paramedics have to scrape up what is left of you off the pavement, at least what is left of the brain is contained in a nice neat package to deliver to the shock trauma unit, or if the other injuries are already fatal, to the
Yeah, a 20 sumthin customer came by and did a test ride and I had to give the scoop on using a MB; cars dont care, they dont realize how fast you are going, they cant see you, etc. He just kinda shrugs it off.. luckily I got him to wear a helmet.

But some need to scrape face at 30 mph before the common sense kicks in ya know.