Any quick fixes for handlebar vibrations

spyke hyzer

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Jul 1, 2008
kansas city, kansas
I just got my bike going last week, I've got a Trek 4500 mtn bk with a ht 70 from powerking.I know these engines have alot of vibration and it would be better if I had a steel framed bike, but this is the set up I have now.

My question is is there a cheap way to dampen the vibrations in the handlebars. I did a search and there was a product that was $30-60 . Does anybody have any experience on any products or home remedies.

My bike's running good and I want to ride more but my hands get numb, the gel padded gloves only helped alittle.
Motorcycles sometimes have bar end weights. I don't know if these can be adapted for bicycle bars.

I've read a suggestion of filling the bars with lead shot or, alternatively, kiln dried sand. You'll want to seal it in, somehow. Silicone glue, perhaps?

Hope that helps.

yes - my fingers - hands have been suffering also

haven't looked yet - but must be somewhere

super large SOFT grips...

I have been thinking about - buying some nice motorcycle grips - building up the size of my bars so as to fit - maybe epoxy for the solid connection of grip to bars - if those babies pull off while riding -- bye Mountainman
I've heard of lead shot in the bars, I just wondered if anyone has tried it, and does it work?

the product I saw in another thread was a roll of stuff you put inside your bars(if you don't have any obstructions) or a liquid that sets up in 4 hrs, but it's $30-60.

I may go to cruiser style bars so I don't want to drop much coin on these bars if I 'm going to change them anyway
My only concern with something that hardens up is that you've squandered your bars, if it doesn't work.

With motorcycle bar ends, you can try different weights, presumably, til you get it right.

I wonder if lead shot would be too heavy, but if so, maybe different sizes of shot might be tried, assuming that there would be variation in the weight. Maybe plug your bars with wine corks, temporarily, till you have best recipe, then glue it all in.
The product I referred to above was Barsnake, their web site is
Has anyone tried this?

I guess I'll continue my research, maybe try some different bars
I've heard of filling them with heavy weight oil. The only trick would be sealing the ends.
Here's a link for Bar snake.

One is an insert, and there is also a liquid product, in case the bars won't permit the regular snake.

The website specifies inside bar diameter requirements, so get your tape measures out...

I use nice cushie Italian scooter grips and a good set of Motorcycle riding gloves.
I have used lead shot in my motorcycle handlebars, it made a noticable difference, didn't take 100% of it away but it was worth it. The smaller the diameter of shot the better as you can pack more in and it makes more contact with the bar.